Wine Sampling Tour: Feast of Bacchus

Duration: 3 hours // Maximum group size: 13
*Price per person: 32 euro
Booking now *Price: Adults: 29 euro // Students (18 - 24): 23 euro // Youths (5 - 17): 23 euro // Infants (4 and under): free

*The price does not include the cost of food and wine

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Description: The origins of wine are lost in time. In Genesis, it is written that "Noah began to work the earth and to plant vines. And he drank wine and became drunk." The fact is, we don't know who first undertook this most fortunate enterprise. But the recent discovery of traces of the wine-making process near a Neolithic village (around 5000 BC) in Turkey tells us that the history is a long one indeed! It is one of traditions of millennia past from all over the Mediterranean world that have met and melded. It is a story of careful selection of terrain and plants, of sun and shade, of blending grapes and choosing the right wood for casks, that over centuries developed the present richness and variety. The ancient Romans, especially during the centuries of extreme power and wealth were refined consumers of good wine and continually sought ever richer and more select vintages. The writer Marsius (1st century AD) wrote, "If you want to drink wine, you'll pay a sestertium; good wine will cost you two. But if you want the magical Falerno, you'll have to pay six!" Later in the Renaissance the appreciation was renewed and princes and popes lavished guests in their banquet halls with magnificent libations. And truly magical are some of the scents and sensations that a good wine can generate.

We invite you on a tour that is itself a feast: 3 hours of wine in the most romantic side-streets of Rome. Accompanied by one of our brilliant guides, who will introduce you to the pleasures of selecting, tasting, and enjoying a fine glass of wine while stopping here and there to admire extraordinary works of art. We will stop in at some of the loveliest wine bars of the centre to slowly sip good wine and taste it, we will see what characterizes a fine wine and we will learn how to distinguish a good one from a bad one. All along the way, the wine will be accompanied by delicious cheeses and salamis, also products of thousands of years of traditions from up and down Italy. It will be an evening for learning and loving wine, for spending a bit of time in the enchanting atmosphere of timeless Rome, for feasting, for toasting and for making new friends. And probably at the end of the evening you will enjoy a nice feeling of lightness of the entire world. We are ready, are you?