The City Seen by Angels
Duration: 3 hours
Price for up to 5 people: 300 Euro
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Description: The hills, the winding river flanked by grand old trees, rooftops clinging skyward, endless domes and the angels: a unique and exclusive way to discover the city, magical and evocative. And while the eye, looking out toward the horizon, beholds the endless expanse of magnificent ruins and splendid cupolas, we will reveal to you the innumerable deeds and misdeeds committed by men through the centuries for or against the city.
An ancient legend has it that the large circular opening at the summit of the dome in the Pantheon was created in AD 608 on the day in which the pope, accompanied by the highest ranking cardinals in a procession through the city, consecrated the pagan temple to the Christian God using incense, blessings and prayers. According to the legend, when the pope raised the cross, a myriad of ancient pagan demons, who had long inhabited the magnificent building, surfaced from the ground and walls of the Pantheon and- chased by the angels - fled upward. In their bid to escape, they pounded against and scraped out a chasm in the enormous dome- the one we still see today. Other medieval stories tell of sweet serenades resounding from the ancient building on spring nights during a full moon. It seems it was the angels perched on the top of the Pantheon, singing with a smile on their lips to help alleviate human suffering.

Out and about amongst history and legends, we will take you to three splendid terraces (on top of luxury hotels and museums), from which you can admire the Pantheon, the Roman Forum, the Colosseum and thousands of other churches and palaces almost as if you were riding on the wings of the angels!

Our guide will accompany you through ancient times, crucial moments in the development of the city, wars, crisis and splendour. They will help you to relive life in the Forum and the Colosseum during the time of the Republic in the fifth century BC. Or perhaps to experience a day of mourning or elation, depending on whether there had been a funeral or the election of a new pope in Saint Peter's Square, crammed full with thousands of pilgrims. The guide will help give meaning to the magnificent views from above squares and ancient ruins, acquainting you with princes and artists such as Michelangelo and Caravaggio, with all their greatness and personal suffering, and the dreams they entrusted to angels or demons. And perhaps in your rather unique photos of Rome, you may catch a glimpse of angels perched here and there on the rooftops and clouds of a now more intimate and friendly city.