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Pompeii Tour from Rome by Car: Immersive Experience.

8 hours including travel and break

An exciting day trip from Rome to discover the culture and daily life of Pompeii buried by the famous eruption in 79 AD. A private tour of Pompeii to experience the daily life of the Roman empire at its climax.

Tour includes


  • The House of the Faun
  • The Theatre of Pompeii
  • The House of the Tragic Poet
  • Temple of Isis

Hidden gems

  • Lupanar (ancient brothel)
  • The House of the Vettii
  • Via dei Sepolcri
  • The Forum Granary



A private car and driver will be waiting for you at your hotel to take you to Naples, where you will meet our guide and begin the private tour of Pompeii. At the end of the day you will be taken back to the hotel by car.

The tragedy of Pompeii

25 August 79 AD: it’s sunrise when Mount Vesuvius erupts and destroys Pompeii in the blink  of an eye. The streets of Pompeii are filled with molten, ash and lava. Trees and buildings are buried for ever. Some people are lucky and manage to flee. Those left behind die where they fall, petrified for eternity.

A visit to Pompeii on a day trip from Rome is a chance to rediscover the doomed city, and the daily life of its people. Despite the devastation wrought by Vesuvius, we have still been left with countless poignant remnants - oil lamps, jewellery, furniture, statues of the gods, and even a lovers’ last kiss. As you walk through Pompeii on your private tour, you’ll hear the story of one of the greatest tragedies in history in the place where it actually happened.

To truly understand Pompeii, however, we must journey even further back in time - before the tragic events of 79 AD. On your day trip to Pompeii from Rome, you will explore the city with your personal guide, walking through the streets, villas, bars and baths that were once bustling with life. You’ll gain a deeper insight into the daily lives of the Pompeians, discovering another side to this fascinating chapter of Roman history.

Our private walking tour of Pompeii

The sprawling ruins of Pompeii can seem overwhelming, especially for a first-time visitor. Your personal guide, an expert on the history and archaeology of Pompeii, will help you to make sense of the city, taking you to the most famous temples and villas as well as some intriguing lesser-known sites.

During your Pompeii day trip from Rome you’ll learn about both public and private aspects of daily life in Pompeii, through your exploration of the city’s atmospheric ruins. A walking tour of the large, well-preserved amphitheatre is the perfect opportunity to learn about public entertainment in Roman times, including drama and gladiatorial combats. The crowds that gathered to watch the spectacles came from all ranks of society, and there was often conflict between different factions. During one infamous gladiatorial match, a riot broke out, leading to the closure of the amphitheatre for ten years.

When you visit famous temples such as the Temple of Isis you’ll discover the secrets of Roman religion, including the nature of cults, superstitions and funerary rites. The ruins of the temples are impressive in themselves, but the explanations of your personal guide will enrich the experience, casting light on the mysteries of Roman religion. Other aspects of daily life in Pompeii will be explored on your private tour on visits to the bars, brothels and bathhouses of the city.

Many of Pompeii’s inhabitants were wealthy art-lovers, as you’ll discover when you explore the ruins of their opulent villas. One of the most luxurious private residences was the House of the Vettii, a vividly decorated villa owned by two freedmen; the wall frescoes are some of the most impressive in the city. You’ll also discover the elegant House of the Faun, which has an expansive garden and courtyard, and the mysterious House of the Tragic Poet. A visit to these evocative ruins gives us a fascinating glimpse of the lives and artistic tastes of their owners.

On your Pompeii private tour you’ll also get to visit the most intriguing villa in the city - the Villa of the Mysteries. The strange Dionysian rituals depicted on the walls of the villa have captured the imaginations of visitors for centuries. Your personal guide will discuss the different interpretations of these mysterious frescoes, giving you a deeper understanding of religious rituals in Ancient Pompeii.

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