Pasta, Ravioli & Tiramisù Making Group Tour Experience

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Price 85 €

Pasta, Ravioli & Tiramisù Making Group Tour Experience

duration 2 Hours

group size Max. 12

Tour Overview

In a lovely kitchen studio near the Vatican Museum, the most authentic experience takes place at PummaRe restaurant. Upon entering, the bartender welcomes you with a welcome drink (prosecco or a Spritz ), which is followed by finger food or pizza.
Following a quick culinary warm-up, the Chef will demonstrate and create three outstanding classics of Italian cuisine: Fresh Pasta, Ravioli, and Tiramisù, all of which will be served with a glass of wine. The tastes of the Italian gourmet heritage will be included in the seasonings of the pasta. From the traditional tomato and basil to the delectable carbonara, there is something for everyone. Finally, but certainly not least, there is the tiramisù, with which you may let your creativity run wild by eschewing the classic recipe in favor of a variety of delectable components.
Finalize your experience by enjoying some of what you've worked so hard to create!

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Tour Description

meeting point

Via Tunesi entrance of the Vatican Museums
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85 €

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