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Colosseum Private Tour & Roman Forum.

3 hours

A walk through the Roman Forum and Colosseum. Discuss the rise and fall of Julius Caesar and its political strategies, discovering in-depth the archeological sites were he lived.

Tour includes


  • The Colosseum
  • The Temple of Saturn
  • The Basilica of Maxentius
  • The Roman Senate
  • The House of the Vestal Virgins

Hidden gems

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Beware the Ides of March in the Roman Forum

March 14th, 44 BC: more commonly known as the ides of March, it is a crucial day in Roman history. It was on this day that Julius Caesar, the man idolised by the people as almost a god on earth, was barbarously assassinated, and it is with this event that our fascinating Rome private tour begins. The knife-wielders are a group of Roman senators, who accuse him of having undermined the institution of the Republic, and of betraying Rome for vanity and personal ambition. His violent end, upon the luxurious marbles of the Senate house of Pompey, has passed through history to become a symbol, the legend on which an empire was forged. 

Uncover the politics, customs and daily life of Roman society

Retracing the last day of Julius Caesar through the streets of Rome, on this walking tour we will immerse you in the culture and daily life of the ancient world's greatest metropolis. We will learn how the influx of riches and ideas from conquered territories shaped the city, and how Caesar's lifelong quest for power dominated the political scene of the time. In the great piazza of the Forum we will relive the funeral orations of Brutus and Marc Antony over Caesar's lifeless body, events that unleashed a long and bitter civil war. Together we will recreate the oratory of Cicero and uncover the lives of the emperors, which seem to live on still in these evocative spaces. On the Via Sacra we will marvel at the wheel ruts of ancient carts, indelibly imprinted onto the flagstones for all time, and on the steps of the Basilica Julia we will uncover the engraved traces of ancient game boards.

Explore the great temples and civic spaces of ancient Rome

Exploring such important sites as the Temple of Antoninus and Faustina, the Arch of Titus, the Arch of Septimius Severus, the Basilica of Maxentius, the Senate, the House of the Vestal Virgins, the Temple of Saturn and many more besides, we will immerse you in the political and religious rituals of ancient Rome and the surprising development of its empire that extended from Africa to the North of England and from Spain to Turkey at its height. More specifically, in this great and suggestive puzzle of imposing ruins, one of the fundamental aspects of our guided visit will be to show how the original buildings, in their form, function, and meaning were integral to the Roman system of laws, institutions, and religious practices.

Relive the brutal spectacles of Roman entertainment at the Colosseum

After stopping at the Arch of Constantine, with its relief sculpture taken and readapted from various earlier eras, our private tour will enter the Colosseum and rediscover one of the most enigmatic and cruel aspects of Roman history. We will elaborate on the construction techniques, the original structure and its decoration, the organization of the gladiator games and the manner in which they took place following the various phases of collective delirium in a full day at the arena. We will likewise dedicate our attention to understanding who these gladiators really were and how they were trained. We will consider the social and propagandistic roles that these widespread and nearly unanimously accepted spectacles of death played in the complex multicultural society of the time. We will also deal with more unusual aspects of our subject, such as the love stories that blossomed within the arena, and the religious origins of the games that can be traced back to the culture of the Etruscans. The subsequent history of the Colosseum has left visible traces for us to uncover: the years of abandonment, the pillaging of materials for reuse, and its modern regeneration and restoration are all etched into the very stones of the structure itself. Join us on this exclusive private tour into the world of the gladiators.

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