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Rome Food Tour: Sublime Tastings in the Historical Center

Discover and Taste the best traditional Roman food by walking tour


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Throughout the centuries, Rome has never stopped giving us proof of its grandeur, so it does not come as a surprise that food culture has thrived to the point of becoming what it is today.

Discover and Taste traditional Roman food

During our food tour of Rome you will have the opportunity to taste typical Roman dishes while strolling around one of the most characteristic and non touristic neighbourhoods of Rome, full of cafes, pubs and restaurants. You will also visit one of the oldest local fruit and vegetable farmers’ markets in Rome. There is no better way to discover how to enjoy and learn about the wonders of Roman cuisine than living it in its traditional context.

The creativity of the chefs, their love and passion for simple flavours and healthy food, along with the spontaneity of the Romans that you will meet during your tour, are the perfect example of how great food is nothing but the result of an ancient wisdom inherited from generation to generation by people. Eating well by expertly combining the right ingredients in a relaxed, slow paced environment that allows you to appreciate and taste the nuances of diverse flavours, is the secret for wellbeing.

Sipping a warm foamy cappuccino and savouring a fresh cornetto just backed at the bar in the park is just the beginning of a 4-hour food tour through the little streets of Testaccio in Rome. Then you will experience one of Rome’s most historic food markets where vegetable stands, butchers e delicatessen display their treasures. The freshness and the colours of the season stand out in amazing display. Cheeses, cold cuts, and freshly baked bread create an explosion for the senses. Here you will get a taste of it all, a true taste of Romeʼs genuine produce and soul.

Along the Tiber, stop and relax at a neighbourhood restaurant that has been serving authentic Roman food for over 50 years. You will have all traditional Roman dishes just a fork away: carbonara, amatriciana, cacio e pepe, polpette, the ultimate bliss for your tastebuds and spirit. Off the piazza there is Testaccio’s favorite pastry shop and a place where locals gather for a “sweet” break during the day. They’ll serve you hot aromatic fresh espresso and miniature pasticcini with cream and chocolate.

Around the corner is another gem of the neighbourhood. A gelato shop that will delight you with handmade gelato made from fresh produce, using the oldest methods of small scale production. If you are really brave you can add whipped cream or dip it in dark chocolate. Our Rome Food Tour ends in paradise - a gourmet deli that for over 40 years has been tickling the appetite of food lovers. It is a feast for the eyes. In our food tour of Rome, history and gastronomic culture merge in a perfect union.

Outside the Feltrinelli Bookshop,. You will receive full details, including a map and photo, on booking

This is a walking tour of Rome with various stops for food tastings. Wear comfortable shoes and bring plenty of water!


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