Michelangelo in Chains Virtual Tour: The Tomb for Pope Julius II

Discover the fascinating tale of the doomed masterpiece that would haunt Michelangelo for his entire career

Michelangelo in Chains Virtual Tour: The Tomb for Pope Julius II

duration 1.5 hours

Tour Overview

For years we all have been doing tours at the Vatican Museums, where every day thousands of people come to see one of the greatest achievements of the Renaissance’s most iconic artist, Michelangelo Buonarroti: the Sistine Chapel. While contemplating the magnificence of the frescoed ceiling, we forget about the reasons why Michelangelo was forced to paint it and how desperately he had tried to refuse the commission, in the hope of completing the tomb of the pope Julius II. The tomb occupied the life of the great artist for almost 40 years, remaining in his mind like like an annoying background noise from 1505 to 1545. In the end, the final version of the funerary monument turned out to be a disappointment, even an embarrassment. My virtual tour tries to shed light on this very specific aspect of Michelangelo’s career, an aspect that people tend to forget when fascinated by the great successes of the Florentine genius. Together we’ll be analysing personalities of Michelangelo, the paranoid artist, and Julius II, the terrifying pope, tracing the story that transformed the 1505 project into the monument that we can see today in the Roman church of San Pietro in Vincoli. It’s a story of a great ideas, big passions and a dream that tried and failed to come true for almost 40 years.

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Tour Description

Meet your Guide: Federica

Hi I'm Federica! I have a degree in Art History from La Sapienza University in Rome, where my studies focused on the Italian Renaissance and its protagonists. A few months later I became a licensed tour guide, and I started working in the most important museums and archaeological areas in Rome. While working with people coming from all over the world, I realised that teaching art is a form of art itself, and that there are many cultural, anthropological, psychological and linguistic obstacles that prevent people from fully understanding what they see. I obtained a Masters degree in Art and Disabilities, which gave me the chance to learn more about the importance of ‘removing the obstacles’ and making culture accessible to everyone. As well as my work for Through Eternity I study sign language, and also teach Contemporary Art in a private academy for young students. 

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Tour Reviews

5.0 (2 reviews)

Many thanks to Federica for this wonderful tour! St. Peter-in-Chains Church has always been a favorite place for me to visit, just to view the Moses statue. I was captivated by it the very first time I saw it. Federica excels at explaining the whole story as to how this magnificent piece came to be and why it is located here. Her title for this tour is so perfect, so poignant! This is my eighth virtual tour with Through Eternity and I can honestly say that every guide and every tour has been outstanding!

Cathy - Oct 08, 2020

What can I say? It's simply a fascinating story. Federica said she chose this tour because she loves the story and the art, and now I agree with her. Her knowledge is amazing, and she makes Michelangelo and his peers come through as real people with their talents, their ambitions, and their pettiness. The best history is when we see it through the lives of those who lived it, and Francesca is that storyteller who can bring it to life. I have a new understanding of who Michelangelo was and how he lived from Federica's stories. Her love of the art itself with her attention to the details is reason enough to take this tour.

Louise - Aug 05, 2020

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