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We’ve been recommended by Rick Steves, Frommer’s and Lonely Planet since 2003. Since then, our tours have transformed the Rome trips of countless travelers into memorable once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

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On our tours you’ll get to grips with the past by exploring the city and its ancient monuments, as well as taking photos of breathtaking views. For us, this journey is also about discovering the daily lives and stories of the people who once walked these streets. Following in their footsteps, you’ll get into the minds of some of history’s greatest protagonists - from all-powerful emperors to brilliant artists and humble craftsmen.

Rome Coliseum Underground Tour
Group Tours

Colosseum Underground Tour with Arena Floor and Ancient Rome: VIP Experience

Exclusive Access to the Underground tunnels of the Colosseum & the Arena. Explore the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill with experts.

skip the lines

Maximum group size: 24

€ 99,00

Early Morning Vatican Tour with Sistine Chapel
Group Tours

Early Morning Vatican Tour with Sistine Chapel

Experience the Sistine Chapel early in the morning, before it opens to the general public. Get inspi ...

skip the lines

Maximum group size: 13

€ 89,00

St. Clement's Basilica Underground Rome Tour
Group Tours

Underground Rome and Catacombs Tour by Minivan: Unearth Buried Wonders

Explore underground sites, hidden below Rome's churches, & stunning Catacombs. Minivan included

Best sellers

Maximum group size: 13

€ 84,00

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Why do you travel? For us traveling is about more than just visiting new places - it's an experience that can broaden your mind and allow you to discover the world through new eyes.

Travel is about gaining insights into our world, changing our perspective and reconnecting with our past and present. Our guides are expert storytellers, keen to interact with people from all over the world, sharing their knowledge of Italy’s rich heritage and culture.

Through Eternity Tours has a Silver Partnership with the Vatican Museums for 2019 and is accredited with the most important museums in Italy. We reserve skip-the-line tickets in advance for all our tours and take care of all the logistical details. But for us these are just the necessary basic ingredients that make our vision possible: enlightening travel experiences that take you face-to-face with timeless artistic masterpieces.

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Find Hidden Gems in Classic Sights. Our Guides Uncover the Splendor of Cities

Special Wednesday Morning Vatican Tour with Sistine Chapel
Group Tours

Special Wednesday Morning Vatican Tour with Sistine Chapel

Exclusive access before the general public to enter the Vatican Museums and Sistine ...

skip the lines

Maximum group size: 13

€ 89,00

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