Useful Information to help you plan your trip to Rome, Florence and more

Learning about Roman history or Renaissance art before you visit Rome or Florence will help you to make the most of your trip. If you’re interested in learning more, have a look at these links and resources. You’ll also find links to websites with information about upcoming events and exhibitions. Here you’ll find out what was going on in 12 BC, and what’s coming up in 2017 AD..



BBC Weather - Check the forecast in Rome, so you know whether to pack sun cream or an umbrella.

Wanted in Rome - Local news and information about upcoming events and cinema releases.

Romeing - Reviews of art exhibitions, restaurants and bars, and information about upcoming events.




Ancient History Encyclopedia - This website is the creation of ancient history enthusiasts, many of whom are university professors. There are articles on every aspect of the ancient world, from the lives of the emperors to Roman religion.

Roman history websites - A useful index of educational websites specialising in Roman history, including interactive maps and virtual tours. Some websites are particularly good for children and teenagers.

History of Florence - A comprehensive history of Florence, from the pre-historic era to the early twentieth century.

The destruction of Pompeii - Professor Andrew Wallace-Hadrill’s account of the events of 79 AD, when Pompeii was destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius.


Italian Renaissance art - Information about Renaissance history and art, with profiles of artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. There’s also an interesting section about Renaissance painting techniques.

Italian Renaissance Resources - This educational website explores eight different themes in Renaissance art. Written by art historians, this website is a valuable resource if you’re interested in learning about Renaissance art in its historical context.

Why Florence Was the Center of Renaissance Art - A clear, accessible explanation of why fifteenth century Florence produced so many great artists.

Biography of Michelangelo - An accessible profile of the Renaissance master, covering his remarkable life and career.

Biography of Leonardo Da Vinci - The biography of Da Vinci, a true Renaissance man who excelled as a painter, sculptor, mathematician and inventor.

Biography of Raphael - The life and work of Raphael, “the prince of painters”.


Roman Architecture - An excellent overview of Roman architecture from the Ancient History Encyclopedia.

Pompeii Ruins - An architectural guide to Pompeii, including a map and descriptions of the most important buildings.

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