Terms and Conditions for our Tours

Terms & Conditions

Allyn Travel LLC is a registered brand. By using www.througheternity.com, known as Site in these Terms and Conditions, you agree to be legally bound by terms dictated by Allyn Travel LLC, d.b.a. Through Eternity Tours, based in Stamford, CT, which shall take effect immediately.

Any reservations made with Allyn Travel LLC will be governed by and subject to these Terms and Conditions. In all reservation arrangements, the person making the booking shall be deemed to have accepted these conditions on behalf of the persons named in the booking.  Since our Terms & Conditions contain legal obligations, we encourage you to read them carefully. If you do not agree to be legally bound by all of the following Terms & Conditions, please do not use our website: www.througheternity.com.


By accepting the Terms and Conditions, you hereby acknowledge and give consent to receive emails and requests to join our subscription list. If you do not wish to partake in our online subscription newsletter, you can opt out by unsubscribing.

Pricing and Inclusions/Exclusions

Prices listed under Group Tours on the Site are per person and include entrance fees.

Students with valid school ID receive a discounted price off the original price of the tour (in accordance with the European Union standard, a student is classified as a person between the ages of 18 and 24 with valid school ID); youths between the age of 5 and 17 receive a discount off the entire price of the tour; children aged 4 and under, accompanied by an adult, tour for free.

To obtain the student discount, valid student ID must be shown. If a student does not have valid student ID, he/she will be charged the full tour price. The difference must be given to the guide on the day of the tour in euro cash.

All discounts are only applied to the original price of the tours and/or services; not food, beverages, nor tips/gratuities to tour guides. Only one discount can be used per person per tour. Multiple discounts cannot be applied together for the same tour.

Prices listed under Private Tours on the Site are for up to 2 people. There will be an increased fee for any additional person joining the group. Prices for private tours include entrance fees.

Price quotations are subject to change without notice, until a reservation has been paid in full and confirmed.


Product Validity, Modifications and Amendments

All requests for modifications/amendments must be directed to Allyn Travel LLC at office@througheternity.com for review. All modifications must be sent via e-mail. The modification will be confirmed only via e-mail. Telephone requests will not be honored.

If you request a date/time change, Allyn Travel LLC dba Through Eternity Tours will attempt to honour your request. However, changes to any date/time request cannot be guaranteed as all requests and amendments are subject to both guide and ticket availability.

Allyn Travel LLC dba Through Eternity Tours reserves the right to charge an administation fee to amend, change, or otherwise modify tour dates, times, and or any other service provided for an existing private tour reservation. However, Allyn Travel LLC dba Through Eternity Tours purchases entrance tickets far in advance. In the event of a date/time change, you will be charged for the unused tickets as we are unable to obtain a refund from the venues.

Allyn Travel dba Through Eternity Tours reserves the right to make alterations to the Site, including but not limited to, tours, itineraries, services, policies, and these Conditions of Use at any time.


Payments and Cancellation Policy

Full payment is requird to be given to Allyn Travel LLC dba Through Eternity Tours for any and all tours and services upon booking. If a full payment has not been provided, the service is not deemed confirmed. Through Eternity Tours requires a full payment in advance for private and group tours. Full payment for private and group tours will be accepted through PayPal (www.paypal.com), bank wire, or check. Once your payment has been received, the confirmation(s) will be sent.

Any service fee, and or other surcharge, incurred while paying through PayPal, or any other financial instituion, will not be reimbursed by Allyn Travel LLC dba Through Eternity Tours.

Allyn Travel LLC dba Through Eternity Tours makes ticket reservations upon client confirmation of the tour, well in advance. All tickets purchased will be the sole finacial responsibility of the client. In the event of a client canceling a tour or service, the ticket costs therein will remain with Allyn Travel, LLC.

Refunded amounts will be the remaining balance of your tour total minus any ticket fees. In addition, this remaining balance is subject to the Cancellation Percentage Timeline. The remainder will be refunded. Allyn Travel, LLC is not responsible for any international transaction fees, conversion rates, or any other fee from third party financial institutions.

1. 15 or more days before the tour day: 90% of the cost will be refunded, minus ticket costs.

2. Between 8 and 14 days before the tour day: 50% of the cost will be refunded, minus ticket costs.

3. Less than 7 days: No refund.

Note, it may take 30 days, or more, for international transaction processes once a refund has been issued.

Allyn Travel, LLC, dba Through Eternity Tours, reserves all rights to amend any and all policies at the sole discrection of Allyn Travel, LLC. 


Payment Authorization

Upon finalizing your payment through a payment portal, by any method provided, including purchasing directly on the Site, PayPal, or any other form of merchant services, you hereby agree that payment is to be paid in full. If the payment is rejected, declined, or otherwise reverted back, Allyn Travel LLC reserves the right to reauthorize the original payment method until the payment is deemed paid in full.


Governing Law & Jurisdiction

You agree that all matters relating to this agreement including, but not limited to, purchasing, disputes, and resolutions, will be governed by the laws of the State of Connecticut, U.S., without regard to its conflicts of law provisions.


Disclaimers and Limitations of Liability

You agree that all matters relating to this agreement including, but not limited to, purchasing, disputes, and resolutions, will be governed by the laws of the State of Connecticut, U.S., without regard to its conflicts of law provisions.

If you have additional questions about our Privacy Policy or about the privacy of your information, please contact Allyn Travel LLC dba Through Eternity Tours at office@througheternity.com or at +39 06 700 9336.

Allyn Travel LLC, reserves the right to amend any and all conditions in this contract at sole discretion.


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