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More than monuments and breathtaking views. Discover the stories of those who preceded us.
We will guide you in a journey through the lives of the greatest people,
and the most peculiar details of everyday life.

Through Eternity Tours

The art of discovering and understanding our cities.



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How to Order Coffee in Italy: From Espresso to Cappuccino and Beyond

Italy's passionate affair with coffee is an integral part of its cultural fabric, and a trip to the bar is an unmissable part of la dolce vita: but how do Italians take their coffee? Find out!

Tue 05 Dec 2023

Gondola FAQ: All About Venice’s Iconic Flat-Bottomed Boat

There’s really only one way to travel in the Floating City: by gondola of course! But what do you really know about Venice’s iconic boat? Find out more with our FAQ!

Thu 30 Nov 2023

A London Beer Guide: What’s on Tap in the English Capital

London's magnificent pubs are a haven for discerning drinkers - but what's on tap? Discover the most popular types of beer in London with us!

Tue 28 Nov 2023

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