Rome Travel Guide

Where to Stay in Rome in 2024: A Hotel and Area Guide

Knowing where not to stay is just as important as knowing where to stay in Rome. There are a hundred ...

Fri 17 May 2024

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The Best New Tours of Italy to Take in 2024

We're always looking to improve visitors' experiences when they come to Italy. That's why we've come ...

Tue 14 May 2024

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Azaleas on the Spanish Steps: Breathtaking Flowers in Rome

Each Spring the Spanish Steps in Rome is home to an amazing floral display. Find out how to see the ...

Wed 24 Apr 2024

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The Best Tours of the Colosseum: Choosing the Right Tour for You

Visiting the Colosseum should be on every traveler's list when visiting Rome. But which tour is best ...

Mon 15 Apr 2024

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Rome: Everything You Need to Know to Visit in 2024

Rome, the Eternal City! With so much history and culture, it's hard knowing where to start - make ...

Fri 29 Mar 2024

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The Best Things to Do in Rome this Easter

Easter is one of our favourite times to visit the Eternal City. Find out the best things to do in ...

Mon 03 Apr 2023

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What to See When Climbing St. Peter's Dome in Rome

From spectacular mosaics to amazing views across Rome, find out what you need to see on a climb of ...

Fri 22 Mar 2024

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Best Rome Tours to Take and Why

Few cities require as much forward planning as Rome to get the best plan ahead. Here is our guide to ...

Tue 12 Mar 2024

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How to Climb St. Peter’s Dome in Rome

Offering spectacular views and an up-close look at one of the city's most incredible landmarks, ...

Tue 05 Mar 2024

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In Search of St. Valentine in Rome

Discover the true story of St. Valentine's day, an amorous cocktail of ancient sex rituals, tall ...

Tue 13 Feb 2024

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The Best Catacombs in Rome You Need to Visit

Rome is home to a series of incredible catacombs, mysterious worlds of the dead where early Christia ...

Fri 12 Jan 2024

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Cinema in the Eternal City: 7 Movie Locations in Rome You Should Visit

Discover the locations that have provided the backdrops to some of the most iconic moments in cinema ...

Sat 16 Dec 2023

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