Discovering Roman Barcino: 6 Ancient Roman Sites in Barcelona

Did you know that Barcelona has origins dating back to antiquity? Discover the best places to explo ...

Thu 06 Oct 2022

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Highlights of the British Museum: 10 Objects from Around the World

The British Museum is one of the world's greatest museums, home to a staggering 8 million objects ...

Tue 27 Sep 2022

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A Descent Into the Dark Side of the Early Modern Imagination at San Vitale

Discover the fascinating frescoes of martyrdom in the Roman church of San Vitale, a forgotten corner ...

Thu 15 Sep 2022

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10 of the Best Museums in Venice

We're counting down ten of our favourite museums in Venice this week. From bombastic Baroque palaces ...

Tue 06 Sep 2022

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The Bridge of Sighs: All About Venice’s Most Famous Bridge

Get to grips with the fascinating history of the Bridge of Sighs and find out why you need to visit ...

Fri 02 Sep 2022

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7 Things to Do and See in St. Mark’s Square in Venice

Learn all about spectacular Piazza San Marco in Venice, and discover what you need to do and see in ...

Sun 28 Aug 2022

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Art Caravaggio’s Rest on the Flight into Egypt in Rome’s Doria Pamphilj Gallery

Caravaggio’s Rest on the Flight into Egypt in Rome’s Doria Pamphilj Gallery

Learn about Caravaggio's stunning Rest on the Flight into Egypt, a lyrical masterpiece of Baroque ...

Fri 19 Aug 2022

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Your Perfect 3 Day London Itinerary: 72 Hours in the English Capital

Get the most out of your time in the English capital with our three day London itinerary. From museu ...

Fri 12 Aug 2022

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10 Must-See Museums in London

Discover the finest culture that London has to offer with our countdown of London's 10 best museums.

Wed 10 Aug 2022

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10 Things to Do in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona

From medieval churches to ancient temples, modernist museums and more, discover the best things to ...

Tue 12 Jul 2022

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The Laocoön's Scream in the Vatican Museums

Get a glimpse into one of the most dramatic and famous moments of Greek mythology through the painfu ...

Tue 05 Jul 2022

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5 strange things we learned about the Roman Emperors on a tour of the Roman Forum

From cheese overdoses to toilet humour and an emperor who wanted to become a prostitute discover the ...

Sun 26 Jun 2022

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