Learn all about the fascinating stories and personalities that have shaped the course of history in the world's greatest cities, from Rome to Barcelona and beyond.

The History and Legends of the Temple of Artemis of Ephesus: One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Located in todays Izmir region of Turkey is the site of the great port city of Ephesus. Once home to ...

Mon 10 Apr 2023

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The Five Best Day-Trips from Paris - Excursion 2: Strasbourg

A full-day experience in the surprising city of Strasbourg. What to see, what to do, and what to eat ...

Mon 20 Feb 2023

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The Most Beautiful Churches in Trastevere, Rome

Discover the most beautiful churches in Trastevere with our guide, and find out why you need to ...

Wed 25 Jan 2023

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Gothic Glory in Paris: Where To Go While Notre-Dame Is Inaccessible

Exploring the eye-watering sumptuousness of the basilica of Saint-Denis, the church of Saint-Sévér ...

Mon 29 May 2023

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What to See in Westminster Abbey: London’s Gothic Masterpiece

Discvover the magic of extraordinary Westminster Abbey with our online guide to England's finest ...

Tue 10 Jan 2023

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Saturnalia: Merriment and Murder Plots in Ancient Rome

Saturnalia is an ancient Roman festival that was celebrated in December, beginning with a sacrifice ...

Fri 23 Dec 2022

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The Blood of San Gennaro: Death and Miracles in Naples

Learn about the mysterious miracle of the blood of San Gennaro in Naples, a strange relic that has ...

Thu 15 Dec 2022

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Art Highlights of the Picasso Museum in Barcelona: 16 Masterpieces You Need to See

Highlights of the Picasso Museum in Barcelona: 16 Masterpieces You Need to See

The Picasso Museum in Barcelona is home to some of the greatest masterpieces of 20th century art...

Tue 29 Nov 2022

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Inside Barcelona’s Casa Milà: Why is it Nicknamed La Pedrera?

The spectacular Casa Milà in Barcelona is one of Antoni Gaudí's most extraordinary modernist creat ...

Fri 18 Nov 2022

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Hidden Gems of the British Museum

Join us as we delve deep into the magnificent collections of London’s British Museum to bring you ...

Fri 04 Nov 2022

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‘Here lies one whose name was writ in water’: A visit to Rome’s Non-Catholic Cemetery

Join us a visit to Rome's haunting Protestant cemetery this Halloween weekend, and meet the romantic ...

Sat 29 Oct 2022

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A Guide to the Basilica of Saint Anthony in Padua: What You Need to See

Discover the highlights of the magnificent basilica of Saint Anthony in Padua, and find out why the ...

Tue 25 Oct 2022

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