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Through Eternity Tours: 18 Years of Success

Through Eternity Tours has a history of passion and confidence when it comes to visiting Rome, the Vatican and other Italian cities. Exploring them in an accurate and captivating manner, with guides who not only know and love their cities but also take the time to provide the in-depth explanation that a once in a lifetime trip requires, is very important to us. By also discovering the lesser known yet extremely relevant sites located near the most famous monuments and museums, you are able to place them in the correct historical context.
On July 24th 2017, our office staff and established guides, who have worked exclusively for us for many years, came together to celebrate our 18th anniversary. Over the years, we have not only grown as businessmen, but also gained important new friends along the way. Since the past to this day, we learned a lot from them and all of our customers. For these reasons we chose to celebrate! Please watch the video of our 16th anniversary, two years ago, to learn about the philosophy of our company and its founders, our private and group tours, and our incredible guides.

First of all we have optimised our itineraries with the most convenient facilities. We plan our tours during the less crowded opening hours of the Vatican, the Uffizi and the other busy museums. We buy in advance skip-the-line tickets for the Colosseum, the Vatican, Borghese Gallery and all the sites covered by our tours.

Our guides, with flawless English skills, have been selected for their scholastic background, knowledge, and professional expertise as well as their enthusiasm and passion in sharing their love for the city with you. They have great communication skills in recostructing the dynamics that have forged our cities and giving life to great masterpieces of art. We believe the journey through the history and art of Rome, Florence and other Italian cities, should allow you not only to discover their amazing sites but also to appreciate them through new eyes and ideas.

From this inspiration, in 1999, we created our 5-hour Immersive tour of the Vatican Museums. Rather than rushing through the Vatican museums with closed eyes and reaching the Sistine Chapel disconnected from its beauty, we prefer to prefer you to discover and admire what Raphael and Michelangelo studied and praised, immeasurably enhancing your experience. Moreover, the Vatican Museums house in the Pinacoteca (Art Gallery), undisputed masterpieces of Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, and Caravaggio. These masterpieces mostly neglected by the visitors deserve indeed high regard. Our intuition was well founded as our private and group tours have become a staple for anyone who wishes to visit art collection of the Vatican, as well as other Italian Museums, with the same enthusiasm of their creators..

Same as other itineraries, such as the 5-hour Colosseum Underground tour, including Forum and Palatine Hill; the Underground Rome tour and the Secret of Rome tour, covering fantastic underrated sites in the main center of Rome. Each of our tours has a distinct way of exploring Rome, making historical sites, know and loved for centuries by the Romans, accessible to mindful travellers as well.

The success of more than 18 years gratifies and inspires us to constantly improve. Thanks to the generous contributions of our guides, our native English-speaking office staff and your precious feedbacks.

With deepest gratitude for your support,

Robert Allyn and Rosario Gorgone
Co-founders of Through Eternity