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Campo de’ Fiori and the Sinister Shadow of Giordano Bruno

Discover the dark tale of the philosopher monk Giordano Bruno, burned to death for heresy in Campo de' Fiori on this day in the year 1600

Wed 17 Feb 2021

Art The Brutal Beauty of an Ancient Masterpiece:  Palazzo Massimo’s Boxer at Rest

The Brutal Beauty of an Ancient Masterpiece: Palazzo Massimo’s Boxer at Rest

Come face-to-face with one of the most probing psychological portraits in all of ancient art, the extraordinary Boxer at Rest in Rome's Palazzo Massimo.

Fri 05 Feb 2021

Rome’s Ancient Icon: An Express Guide to the Colosseum

Discover the history of the Colosseum with our express guide to the Rome's greatest monument to the ancient world.

Fri 29 Jan 2021

The Best Amalfi Tours

The splendour of the Amalfi Coast is unrivalled. Imagine dazzling blue seas, stacks of colourful houses clinging to the hillside, the scent of the lemon groves. On our Amalfi tours we visit Positano, the cliffside town that John Steinbeck described as a “dream place that isn’t quite real”. Then there’s the enchanting Amalfi, a picturesque town with a glorious past as a maritime republic. With us, you’ll not only get to enjoy the sensory pleasures of Amalfi - delicious seafood and spectacular panoramic views - but you’ll also a gain a deeper understanding of local history and culture.

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