Puglia Virtual Tour: The Pearl of Southern Italy

Explore the fascinating architecture, landscapes and cuisine of Puglia, southern Italy's unspoiled gem

Puglia Virtual Tour: The Pearl of Southern Italy

duration 1.5 hours

Tour Overview

When people ask us what our favourite region of Italy is, Puglia is always near the top of our list. A magnificent unspoiled landscape of spectacular coastlines, olive groves and vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see, discover the delights of this endlessly varied region on our latest virtual tour. Join Andrea to explore this rich world of unique architecture - the conical shaped trulli typical of the region are a photographer’s delight, while a host of imposing medieval castles and Baroque churches stud the region. Located in the heel of the boot that is the Italian peninsula, Puglia is where the waters of the Adridatic and Jonian sees meet at the heart of the Mediterranean: discover the beautiful geography, exotic legends and fascinating history that have shaped the region over the centuries. Puglia is paradise for foodies of all stripes too - the olive made here is Italy’s finest, and the abundant local wines and hearty cuisine never fail to disappoint either. We’ll be getting a virtual taste of them all on our tour, so be sure to join us for this feast of the senses. See you in Puglia!

If the day of the week or start time of this group tour doesn't work for you, please email us at office@througheternity.com to arrange a suitable alternative date.

Tour includes:

  • Live broadcast from Italy
  • Immersive webinar with local guide Andrea
  • In-depth exploration of beautiful Puglia
  • Have your questions answered by Andrea

Tour Description

Meet your guide: Andrea

Hi I’m Andrea! A native of Naples, I’ve lived in the Campania region of Italy all my life, and I have a deep love for its art, archeology, music, architecture, cuisine, natural beauty and - of course - its people. I have shared this world with many, many visitors over the years,showcasing the vast range of this wonderful place. When I was 14 years old I started working as an actor in theatres, and this plays a central role in how I communicate on my tours today -  I always try to put something theatrical into everything I do :-)

What Exactly is a Through Eternity Virtual Tour?  

The world of travel might be on hold right now, but just because we're all staying at home to help the world overcome a common enemy doesn't mean we have to put our wanderlust on the back burner. Frustrated with not being able to get our travel fix, we decided to transform our award-winning tours into immersive virtual experiences, meaning you can still explore Italy’s spectacular archaeological sites and jaw-dropping museums from the comfort of your own home.

As a sign of our gratitude to those who are on the front line fighting the Coronavirus, we would be more than happy to invite all first respondershealth workers and NHS workers to join our Virtual Tours for free. Please message our office staff directly!

* Please note that the booking times are in US Eastern Standard Time and Rome, Italy CET is 6 hours ahead *

Fun and informative, our virtual tours take the form of online real-time presentations led by our expert guides. Combining videos, high-definition photos and more, our guides will be sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience with you on these interactive walkthroughs of Italy’s most fascinating sites. The live format of our virtual tours means you’ll be able to ask your guide anything you wish, just like on a normal tour. We really believe it's the next best thing to being here!

Please note that the proceeds from our online tours go directly to our guides, providing them with a valuable lifeline in these tough times for the world of travel. Thank you for your support! 


Tour Reviews

5.0 (13 reviews)

My friend and I have talked about visiting Puglia and so I wanted to get a sense of the regions. Well, I had absolutely no idea of how glorious Puglia is. The coastline! The olive groves! (Who knew that this was the best place to get olive oil?) the Baroque architecture! Now I am definitely going to have to visit.For anyone who loves the sea, and the beach, the videos Andrea showed us were breathtaking. Any webinar with Andrea is filled with history, gorgeous pictures and video, and a wealth of information. I love how enthusiastic he is! He has such passion for the South of Italy and for Italy in general, along with a great sense of humor. For those who want to learn more about Italy, or plan a trip in the future, or anyone who loves Italy, this webinar is a must see. :)

Susan - May 06, 2021

We loved the virtual tour of Puglia and really appreciated Andea's vast knowledge of the area's history and traditions. He even shared some stunning "secret" places that are well known or visited. This was the perfect "getaway" during the pandemic and will help us plan our next trip to our beloved Italia.

Valerie - Dec 31, 2020

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