Caravaggio Virtual Tour: Art and Death in Baroque Rome

Discover the dark heart of Caravaggio's extraordinary genius on our virtual tour

Caravaggio Virtual Tour: Art and Death in Baroque Rome

duration 1.5 hours

Tour Overview

If you like your art gut-wrenchingly dramatic and unbearably tense, then you need to get acquainted with Caravaggio. A manic, violent genius, his incredible works caused a sensation in Rome at the end of the 16th century, dramatically ushering in the age of the Baroque. Join art historian Caterina to get inside the mind and masterpieces of one of the most controversial geniuses in the story of art. On our immersive online itinerary, you’ll encounter saints with dirty feet being led to martyrdom and sensual virgins, voluptuous angels and provocative nudes, cardsharps, fortune-tellers and more! Join Caterina as she makes these masterpieces come alive, revealing the dark psyche and tumultuous life of Caravaggio along the way. At the end of our immersive virtual journey into the vivid world of Baroque Rome, you'll understand why Caravaggio’s dramatic paintings shocked his contemporaries and changed the world of art forever.

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Tour includes:

  • Live broadcast from Rome
  • Immersive webinar with Art Historian Caterina
  • In-depth exploration of Caravaggio's life and work in the Eternal City
  • Detailed imagery gets you close to the paintings
  • Have your questions answered in a live Q and A


  • Caravaggio's photo-realistic still-lifes
  • The Contarelli Chapel (the life of St. Matthew)
  • Caravaggio's evocative genre scenes
  • The Cerasi Chapel (the Martyrdom of Saint Peter and Conversion of Saint Paul)
  • Caravaggio's dramatic Roman altarpieces

Tour Description

Meet your guide: Caterina

Hi I'm Caterina. I am a licensed guide of the city of Rome, and have been working with Through Eternity Tours since 2010. I was born and raised in Rome, where I've lived most of my life. I received a degree in Art History from Rome Tre University, where I specialised in Renaissance and Baroque art. I speak English, German and Italian fluently.

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Discover the dramatic life and work of the Baroque's greatest painter with an expert

Our Caravaggio virtual tour has been specially designed to give you an unparalleled insight into the mind and masterpieces of Caravaggio’s controversial genius.Extraordinarily prolific, despite his tragically early death and his long flight from the law, on our online webinar you’ll learn why Caravaggio’s incredibly innovative pictorial language changed the world of art forever. Join art historian Caterina live from Rome as we weave our virtual way through the cobbled streets of the Eternal City, discovering the dramatic artworks that caused an artistic revolution. retrace his steps through taverns and brothels, palaces and churches, and discover how the troubled life and art of this great genius have remained inextricably linked in the popular imagination of the city. 

Learn about the artist’s humble origins in Lombardy, and the early still life paintings that already hinted that Caravaggio was no ordinary painter. We’ll be charting Caravaggio’s rise through the aristocracy and palaces of Rome, discovering why his ultra-realistic depictions of card sharps and gypsies, fortune tellers and prostitutes proved so popular with the most powerful patrons in the city.

Discover how Caravaggio reached new heights of fame with his extraordinarily dramatic religious paintings, from the powerfully realistic stripped down visions of conversion and death in Santa Maria del Popolo’s Martyrdom of Saint Peter and Conversion of St. Paul to the swirling chiaroscuro drama of light and dark in San Luigi dei Francesi’s Martyrdom of Saint Matthew. Caravaggio’s vision of a religious art peopled by ordinary folk – peasants smeared with grime, street-walking prostitutes and lumbering old men – was as controversial as it was revolutionary, and perfectly captures the contradictory spirit of the Baroque age.

Just as exciting as Caravaggio’s innovative canvases are the dramatic stories behind them. Caterina will make these masterpieces come alive by revealing the dark psyche and tumultuous life of their creator - the arrogant Caravaggio’s was in constant trouble with the law, and his simmering violent temperament exploded when he murdered an obscure rival in 1606. After a decade in exile being hunted by assassins, the greatest painter of his age died in penury desperately trying to make his way back to the city that had made him famous. This is Rome at its most exciting, and we can't wait to bring it to life for you – join Caterina on a virtual journey to discover it through the timeless masterpieces of Caravaggio.

Tour Reviews

4.8 (16 reviews)

My grandfather and I took the Caravaggio in Rome tour with Caterina, and we were thoroughly impressed. Caterina gave a well balanced tour of Caravaggio's roman art, what his life must have been like, the artistic influences he would have been drawn to, and the overall impact that this "rock star" had on art thereafter, which was immense to say the least. My grandfather and I have not been able to see each other for over a year as we live across the USA from each other but this was a perfect way to enjoy our favorite artist together. A big thanks to Caterina and the Through Eternity Tours. We highly recommend this tour!

Peter - Jan 28, 2021

Caravaggio is a unique character. I struggle when it comes to art history and interpretation for extended periods of time because I start to lose focus. Caterina made this topic manageable and enjoyable! She spent just the right amount of time reviewing this masters main pieces of artwork combined with the life and history of Caravaggio. Caterina spent lots of time answering questions and seeking was a great tour!

Stephanie - Oct 05, 2020

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