Museo del Opera del Duomo Virtual Tour: Masterpieces of the Florentine Renaissance

Explore one of the world's great museums from home, and discover extraordinary works by Michelangelo, Donatello and more!

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Museo del Opera del Duomo Virtual Tour: Masterpieces of the Florentine Renaissance

duration 1.5 hours

Tour Overview

Discover one of the most beautiful but under-appreciated museums in Florence on our virtual tour! Designed to provide a safe home for some of the most precious artworks commissioned for the Florence Duomo over the centuries, the recently renovated space covers over 64,000 square feet and boasts over 750 works of art, including sculptures by Michelangelo and Donatello. Amongst the highlights of the collection we’ll be examining is a full-scale reconstruction of the Duomo’s façade as it appeared to visitors in the 16th century. Looking at the old façade coming back to life is truly like taking a journey back in time! Here too are Lorenzo Ghiberti's original doors for Florence’s Baptistery, the so-called Gates of Paradise. We will be able to look at all the details of these amazing gilt bronze doors, key works in the evolution of Renaissance art in Florence. We’ll also be taking a close look at Donatello’s extraordinary Mary Magdalene, a 15th-century masterpiece of expression with few equals. No less spectacular is Michelangelo’s unique “Pietà Bandini” - one of master’s final works, and perhaps his most personal. Few museums in the world pack in as many masterpieces as the fascinating Museo del Opera del Duomo - discover it in the expert company of local guide Costanza today!

If the day of the week or start time of this group tour doesn't work for you, please email us at to arrange a suitable alternative date.

Tour includes:

  • Live broadcast from Florence
  • Immersive webinar with art historian Costanza
  • In-depth virtual exploration of the Museum
  • Have your questions answered by Costanza
  • €25 in travel credit you can redeem on your next trip to Italy


  • Michelangelo's Bandini Pietà
  • Donatello's Mary Magdalene
  • Ghiberti's Gates of Paradise
  • Full-Scale Reconstruction of the 16th-century Duomo

Tour Description

Meet your guide: Costanza

Hello! My name is Costanza. I’m a native Florentine with a true passion for my hometown. I have a Master’s Degree in Art History and love to talk, becoming a tour guide was a natural consequence!! The best part of my job is when I hear a client say “If it wasn’t for you I would have never seen this detail /discovered this place” I treat my clients as my personal guests and try to customize each visit according to their personal interests and curiosities. I can’t wait to see you in Florence!

If the day of the week or start time of this group tour doesn't work for you, please email us at to arrange a suitable alternative date.

What Exactly is a Through Eternity Virtual Tour?  

The world of travel might be on hold right now, but just because we're all staying at home to help the world overcome a common enemy doesn't mean we have to put our wanderlust on the back burner. Frustrated with not being able to get our travel fix, we decided to transform our award-winning tours into immersive virtual experiences, meaning you can still explore Italy’s spectacular archaeological sites and jaw-dropping museums from the comfort of your own home.

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Fun and informative, our virtual tours take the form of online real-time presentations led by our expert guides. Combining videos, high-definition photos and more, our guides will be sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience with you on these interactive walkthroughs of Italy’s most fascinating sites. The live format of our virtual tours means you’ll be able to ask your guide anything you wish, just like on a normal tour. We really believe it's the next best thing to being here!

If you cannot find a scheduled time for our virtual tours that work for you, please contact us directly and we would be delighted to set up a private virtual tour for you and your group.

As a sign of our gratitude to those who are on the front line fighting the Coronavirus, we would be more than happy to invite all first respondershealth workers and NHS workers to join our Virtual Tours for free. Please message our office staff directly!

Please note that the proceeds from our online tours go directly to our guides, providing them with a valuable lifeline in these tough times for the world of travel. Thank you for your support! 


Tour Reviews

4.8 (5 reviews)

Museo Del Opera Del Duomo

Costanza was a wonderful guide and helped me to understand the background of the museum as well as its prominent pieces. I highly recommend the tour.

David - Jan 15, 2021

Good tour for those new to this subject

If you've looked at a bunch of virtual tours on Through Eternity's site, you've probably seen some reviews from me saying that this or that virtual tour is great no matter whether you think you already know a lot about the subject of the tour. This virtual tour is different. I would recommend it only to people who don't already know a lot about the Museo del Opera del Duomo. As someone who did already know a good amount about the museum and the works highlighted by Costanza (which are mostly the works listed in the description of the tour: Michelangelo's Bandini Pietà; Donatello's Mary Magdalene; Ghiberti's Gates of Paradise; and Full-Scale Reconstruction of the 16th-century Duomo), this tour provided little information or insight that I didn't already have, and at the end the other attendees peppered Costanza with so many questions and comments that after several minutes I gave up on trying to talk and signed off without even having had the chance to say thank you. I think this tour would be a good fit for people for whom the subject is relatively new.

Liz - Dec 27, 2020

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20 €

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