Michelangelo's David Virtual Tour: The Genius of Renaissance Florence

Get inside the mind of Michelangelo and discover the fascinating story behind the world's most iconic sculpture

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Michelangelo's David Virtual Tour: The Genius of Renaissance Florence

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Tour Overview

In the world of Renaissance Florence, one man and one sculpture reign supreme. Join art historian Emily to unravel the fascinating story of Michelangelo’s sculpture of David, and find out why the artist’s most famous sculpture would fast become an icon of the Florentine Republic. On this immersive virtual tour we’ll be tracing Michelangelo’s early life from his humble origins in the Tuscan countryside to the rarefied surroundings of the Medici court, where the amazingly precocious sculptor set out on the road to becoming one of the greatest artists the world has ever known. At the heart of our tour is the towering figure of David: discover how Michelangelo transformed a defective block of marble into living stone, and learn how David has stood silent watch as protector of the city for over 500 years. Our virtual tour is the perfect introduction to the art of the Renaissance – join Emily today!

Tour includes:

  • Live broadcast from Florence
  • Immersive webinar with expert guide Emily
  • In-depth exploration of Michelangelo''s life
  • Have your questions answered by Emily
  • €25 credit towards future Through Eternity services


  • Trace the fascinating career of Michelangelo
  • Find out why David is the icon of Florence
  • Learn about the technique of sculpture carving
  • Discover why Florence was the cradle of the Renaissance

Tour Description

Meet Your Guide: Emily

Hi I’m Emily! Originally from Buffalo, NY, my passion for Italian Art brought me to Florence over a decade ago as an undergraduate student during a semester abroad through Boston College. I then went on to complete a Masters in Renaissance Art History at the Syracuse University Florence campus as a Florence Fellow. In addition to the graduate program I successfully the gruelling 800-hour course to become a Licensed Tour Guide. In addition to working as a guide, I lecture as a Professor of Art History at several study abroad centers in Florence. 

*** Kindly note that this Saturday tour for the months of July and August are run by our expert Florentine guide Angelo, Emily runs the Wednesday tour ***

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Take a trip back in time to the magnificent world of Renaissance Florence

In Florence, the passage of time has been stilled. The memories of the great ideas and brilliant artists that propelled this city to the forefront of the Italian Renaissance still echo through its grand streets and imposing palaces, and to the curious traveller it is like being thrust back into an exciting and tumultuous world of poets, philosophers and artists, of preachers, bankers and powerful aristocrats.

Our virtual tour of the city known as the cradle of the Renaissance will see us metaphorically traipse the very streets where these colossal figures of history once walked. First amongst them, of course, was the immortal Michelangelo Buonarotti.

Trace the fascinating life story of Michelangelo

On our tour we’ll be tracing the life of Michelangelo from his humble origins in the Tuscan countryside. Find out how Michelangelo believed his love of sculpture came from being nursed by a stone-cutters wife, and follow his journey to the glittering Medici court as a young man. In the expert virtual company of Emily we’ll get to grips with the precocious Michelangelo’s earliest works that set him on a fast track to fame. 

Discover why Michelangelo would soon become the most famous artist of the Italian Renaissance, and why contemporaries were convinced that he had been sent from heaven to express the perfection of the divine here on earth. On our virtual tour, you’ll also learn all about the cantankerous sculptor’s irascible personality, and how his thundering terribilità frightened and amazed his contemporaries in equal measure.

Discover why David would become an icon of the Florentine Republic

At the heart of our virtual Florence tour will be the museum of the Accademia, where the art of Michelangelo takes centre stage. Thanks to Emily’s immersive narration and high-quality images you’ll be able to behold his immaculate David as if you were really there.

 Find out how David has been a symbol of the city's power and achievements ever since its unveiling in Piazza della Signoria in 1504. Get into the enigmatic mind of the Biblical hero as he stares proudly beyond our gaze, apparently uninterested in the lives of mere mortals such as we.

David's haughty grandeur stands in stark contrast to the series of unfinished Slaves that form Michelangelo's other contribution to the museum, originally intended for the tomb of his greatest patron, Pope Julius II. See for yourself how the pathos forever trapped in these stone figures vainly struggling to escape their marble prisons is almost unbearable, and in their tortured forms we can begin to understand the complexities and contradictions that animated one of art's greatest geniuses.

Find out how Michelangelo carved his perfect colossus

 We’ll be delving into the complex and fascinating world of marble carving on our virtual tour – Emily will take you through the numerous and time-consuming steps of the process, from quarrying the massive stone blocks right through to the completion of the finished sculpture. 

Discover how Michelangelo’s technique differed from his contemporaries, and how his amazingly unerring eye and hand allowed him to achieve effects far beyond the capabilities of other artists – did you know that the marble block out of which he carved the David was considered too damaged for use by an entire generation of sculptors before Michelangelo? Get the full story with Emily!

Tour Reviews

5.0 (9 reviews)


Angelo was a fantastic guide and this was a very insightful tour of everything surrounding The David

David - Sep 18, 2020

Great tour!

We loved our tour. The treatment of Michelangelo's David included wonderful context--the city, the powerful players, and the surrounding artists. Delightful!

Donal and Dorothy - Sep 10, 2020

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