Naples Archaeological Museum Virtual Tour: Masterpieces of Pompeii

Explore one of the world's finest collections of classical art in the virtual company of an expert art historian

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Naples Archaeological Museum Virtual Tour: Masterpieces of Pompeii

duration 1.5 hours

Tour Overview

Discover the extraordinary cultural heritage of Pompeii in the surroundings of one of Italy’s finest museums on our virtual tour of the Naples Archaeological Museum. Join local guide and art historian Lorenzo on a fascinating journey through the extraordinary collection of mosaics, frescoes, statues and artefacts excavated from Pompeii and Herculaneum and brought here for safe-keeping over the centuries. Marvel at an extraordinary mosaic depicting Alexander the Great’s defeat of the Persians; immerse yourself in the colourful splendour of Pompeiian wall painting, and admire masterpieces of classical sculpture like the Farnese Bull. We’ll also get to see what the ancients got up to in private as we explore the ‘Gabinetto Segreto,’ a secret collection of erotic artefacts taken from Pompeii’s bars, brothels and homes that range from sexy frescoes to a bewildering array of phallic lucky charms. Our virtual tour of the Naples Museum is the perfect opportunity to get the complete picture of ancient Pompeii from home - join us today!

Tour includes:

  • Live broadcast from Naples
  • Immersive webinar with art historian Lorenzo
  • High quality images brings the collection to life
  • Have your questions answered in a live Q and A session
  • €25 credit towards future Through Eternity services


  • In-depth exploration of Naples Archaeological Museum
  • Trace the history of the collection
  • Discover the masterpieces of Pompeii
  • Explore the Gabinetto Segreto
  • Sculptural highlights of the Farnese collection

Tour Description

If you would to schedule this itinerary as a private virtual tour, we would be happy to arrange this for you. Please contact our office staff directly for more information!
Meet Your Guide: Lorenzo

Hi, I’m Lorenzo! After earning my M.A. in Art History from the Suor Orsola Benincasa University of Naples, I worked as a journalist, art curator and editor. In collaboration with museums, research centers, galleries and cultural foundations, I have curated several exhibitions, especially on contemporary art. As an editor in a creative industry, I developed content for new technology dedicated to cultural heritage. For the past seven years I have worked as a professional guide. I am passionate about guiding in museums, because I think that nothing can touch the human soul more than a beautiful art collection: the dream of a single individual, the testimony of the history of a country, and the place where Art meets Civilisation. I am proud to have been a member of the Through Eternity team since 2017. I cover tours in the region of Campania, Naples, Pompeii, and more recently, in Rome and the surrounding region too.

What Exactly is a Through Eternity Virtual Tour?  

The world of travel might be on hold right now, but just because we're all staying at home to help the world overcome a common enemy doesn't mean we have to put our wanderlust on the back burner. Frustrated with not being able to get our travel fix, we decided to transform our award-winning tours into immersive virtual experiences, meaning you can still explore Italy’s spectacular archaeological sites and jaw-dropping museums from the comfort of your own home. 

* Please note that the booking times are in US Eastern Standard Time and Rome, Italy CET is 6 hours ahead * 

Fun and informative, our virtual tours take the form of online real-time presentations led by our expert guides. Combining videos, high-definition photos and more, our guides will be sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience with you on these interactive walkthroughs of Italy’s most fascinating sites. The live format of our virtual tours means you’ll be able to ask your guide anything you wish, just like on a normal tour. We really believe it's the next best thing to being here!

If you cannot find a scheduled time for our virtual tours that work for you, please contact us directly and we would be delighted to set up a private virtual tour for you and your group!

As a sign of our gratitude to those who are on the front line fighting the Coronavirus, we would be more than happy to invite all first respondershealth workers and NHS workers to join our Virtual Tours for free. Please message our office staff directly!

Please note that the proceeds from our online tours go directly to our guides, providing them with a valuable lifeline in these tough times for the world of travel. Thank you for your support! 


Tour Reviews

4.7 (3 reviews)

President, Italy Alla Carta, LLC

Lorenzo gave a very detailed account of the history, the architecture and contents of the archaeological museum He was thorough and made the experience very much so that I have put this museum on my "must-see" list for my next visit to Naples. Very enjoyable. Thanks.

ANTOINETTE - Jun 29, 2020

WOW: An Absolutely Stunning, Perfect Virtual Immersion

WOW. Simply, WOW. Maybe you already know all about vast, history-spanning, artistically and culturally diverse, simply stunning collection of this endlessly fascinating museum in Naples. All I knew going in was that some of the most important masterpieces discovered through excavations of Herculaneum and Pompeii were to be found there; I didn't know anything specific about these pieces and don't recall even seeing photographs--and I certainly didn't know the scope or scale of the collections beyond these archeological sites. Lorenzo's well-planned, well-paced walking tour of the museum, which happened to be a private tour just for me, was, then, a profound journey of discovery for me, with Lorenzo as an absolutely perfect guide--intimately familiar with the museum, erudite about its stunning pieces, always fully engaged, accessible without a hint of condescension about my relative ignorance. While it remains difficult to privilege just a few highlights of this tour, for me four of the most amazing discoveries were: 1) The Farnese Bull: the complex, elegant, yet violent group sculpture depicting a woman being tied to the horns of a bull, carved out of a single piece of marble in the 2nd century BCE, a Roman copy of a bronze Greek original; 2) the Alexander mosaic from the House of the Faun in Pompeii, showing Alexander the Great defeating the Persian Darius, in meticulous expressive detail; 3) one of the exquisite cameos carved in the bottom of a cup eventually purchased by Lorenzo the Magnificent, after having passed through the hands of several other powerful men over the centuries; and 4) the radically original--and functional-- architecture of the Hall of the Sun Dial. But you will encounter your own favorite pieces, whether familiar or unfamiliar to you. Lorenzo constructs compelling stories about many of the individual pieces, as well as coherent narrative making sense of the ambitions and organization of the museum's collections. And he was patient in responding to a few of the many questions his terrific virtual tour raised for me. Having only hurried through Naples a few years ago on my way to hiking the Amalfi Coast, Lorenzo's virtual tour--along with those of his equally gifted TE colleague, Andrea, have inspired me to return and linger in Naples . And learn. You should seriously consider this exceptional virtual tour of one of the world's great, if still underappreciated, museums. WOW.

David H Krause - Jun 25, 2020

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10 €

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