Raphael Rooms Virtual Tour: Splendours of the Renaissance Court

Experience the splendours of the Renaissance from home on our virtual tour of the Raphael Rooms in the Vatican Museums with an expert art historian

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Raphael Rooms Virtual Tour: Splendours of the Renaissance Court

duration 1.5 hours

Tour Overview

Relive the Golden Age of Renaissance Rome and get inside the mind of one of the greatest painters ever to pick up a brush on our virtual tour of the Raphael Rooms. Join art historian Dr Robert Huber to explore the magnificent suite of rooms that Raphael and his workshop frescoed in the Vatican palaces for the fearsome Pope Julius II at the start of the 16th century. With the aid of high quality photographs, videos and walkthroughs, find out why Raphael was considered to be touched with the divine by his contemporaries, and how his extraordinarily harmonious paintings at the Vatican would shape the story of art for centuries to come. Get the full story behind his iconic School of Athens, and learn all about Raphael’s epoch-defining rivalry with Michelangelo, who was hard at work in the Sistine Chapel as Raphael fashioned his own masterpieces nearby. Our virtual tour is the next best thing to being here: join us today!

If the day of the week or start time of this group tour doesn't work for you, please email us at office@througheternity.com to arrange a suitable alternative date.

Tour includes:

  • Live broadcast from Rome with Dr Robert Huber PhD
  • In-depth exploration of the Raphael Rooms
  • High-res photos, videos and walkthroughs for an immersive experience
  • Have your questions answered by Robert
  • €25 in travel credit you can redeem on your next trip to Italy


  • Get inside the mind of Raphael
  • Relive the culture of Renaissance Rome
  • Stanza della Segnatura and School of Athens
  • Stanza di Eliodoro
  • Stanza dell'Incendio del Borgo
  • Stanza di Costantino

Tour Description

Meet your guide: Robert 


Hi. I’m Robert. I grew up outside Philadelphia in Southern New Jersey. From a young age I was attracted to history, the arts and culture, which eventually led me to Europe several times. In 1995 I came to Rome to study the History of Art at the Temple University Study Abroad Program. In 2000 while attending graduate school, I received a Temple Rome Fellowship grant in Art History to research my Master’s Thesis and hold classes at the Temple Rome campus, where I continue to teach. In 2016 I passed the Italian state written and oral exams to become a licensed tour guide, which allowed me to give tours for Through Eternity of Rome’s churches, museums and archaeological sites ever since. After years of further research for my doctoral degree, I finally was awarded a PhD from KU Leuven, Belgium. I live in Rome and feel very fortunate to do so.

If the day of the week or start time of this group tour doesn't work for you, please email us at office@througheternity.com to arrange a suitable alternative date.

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Delve into the mind of the ‘Prince of Painters’ 

Join art historian Robert to gain a unique insight into the mind of the man that history would come to know as the ‘Prince of Painters,’ an artist whose brush was thought to be guided by the hand of God himself. Born into the world of the Renaissance court in the spectacular hill town of Urbino, from his earliest years the precocious Raphael was amply endowed with the gentilezza required of the Renaissance courtier. After a highly successful apprenticeship with the Umbrian master Perugino, the ambitious Raphael made his way south to Rome and the Papal Court of Julius II, who was to become arguably the greatest patron of art the Renaissance had ever known. 

Discover how Pope Julius II commissioned Raphael to paint his masterpieces 

Known as the ‘warrior pope’ for his fearsome personality, on ascending to the Papal throne Pope Julius soon decided that his private Vatican apartments weren’t up to scratch. On our virtual tour of the Raphael Rooms you’ll find out how Julius called in Raphael to adorn his suite of rooms with magnificent frescoes, an attempt to upstage the work that Pinturicchio had done for the Borgia pope Alexander VII’s apartments a decade before. Learn about the fearsome personality of Julius and his relationship with Raphael.

Unravel the complex iconography of Raphael’s masterpieces 

Each of the 4 rooms that Raphael and his workshop would paint for the Pope is spectacular in its own right, and you’ll get the lowdown on the meanings of the frescoes on our virtual tour. Robert will take you through each of the Stanze in turn: Sala di Costantino, the Stanza di Eliodoro, the Stanza della Segnatura and the Stanza dell’Incendio del Borgo.

Discover how Raphael painted the philosophers of antiquity with the faces of his contemporaries in his iconic School of Athens, and learn how the Expulsion of Heliodorus from the Temple is a masterpiece of papal propaganda. Admire the dramatic Liberation of Saint Peter, where the apostle is freed from prison by an angel in a blinding moonlit night painted with jaw-dropping virtuosity, and unravel the theatrically action-packed Fire in the Borgo, where Rome is in flames and only the Pope can save the day.

Learn about the greatest rivalry in the story of art

As Raphael and his workshop were busily adorning the Pope’s private quarters with frescoes, another towering figure of the Italian Renaissance was in the process of creating his own era-defining masterpiece nearby. On our virtual tour, learn how Michelangelo was painting his epic Sistine Chapel ceiling when Raphael arrived at the Vatican, and the rivalry that drove the two men to ever greater heights of achievement. Discover how Raphael and the cantankerous Michelangelo were polar opposites in their characters as well as their art, and the seismic impact that their rival theories of representation would have on artists for centuries to come.



Tour Reviews

5.0 (4 reviews)

Deep dive into the Vatican's Raphael Rooms

Last summer, my family and I were fortunate enough to enjoy an excellent, extended tour of the Vatican with a different Through Eternity tour guide. But even on an extended tour, there was only enough time to get a brief introduction to the glorious Raphael rooms given the embarrassment of riches contained within the Vatican. I wanted to take this tour to learn more about the glorious frescoes Raphael painted. And Robert's presentation was the perfect way to do just that! He presented Raphael's biographical background, and we also spent a brief amount of time looking at some of his early works. Robert then went on to do an in-depth examination of the frescoes contained in the Raphael rooms, paying particular attention to the historical context and meaning of the various images contained in those frescoes, as well as the sources and inspirations that Raphael likely drew from. Robert is extremely knowledgeable on the subject; in fact, he did his doctoral thesis on Raphael. I learned an enormous amount of material in this class, and thought it a real privilege to study these magnificent spaces with someone who has such a mastery of the material. Thank you, Robert, for a long and interesting class! I can't wait to return and see these works again in person. ps As with other virtual tours I have taken with the company, the format in some ways actually proved advantageous, as we were often able to focus in on a detail that we could not have physically noticed were we there in person.

Lynn - Sep 26, 2020

Thrilled with this virtual tour!

I spent part of my afternoon delving into the mind of Raphael and learning how the Raphael Rooms synthesize the learning of his day. Robert Huber is an interesting, friendly guide who opens a door into how Raphael’s work reflects Renaissance concepts of philosophy and theology. You may be a person who can’t visit the Vatican in person right now, but Dr Huber will make you think you are standing in the Raphael Rooms

Mike - Jul 03, 2020

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20 €

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