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Rome Food Tours

Roman Street Food

Do as the locals do and discover Roman street food at its delicious and authentic best


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Learn to eat like a local on our insider Rome Street food tour, and sample mouth-watering on-the-go delicacies you can only taste in the Eternal city. From delicious pizza al taglio to the classic Roman suppli, from pizza bianca with mortadella to the best in artisanal gelato, this itinerary will be sure to have you licking your lips for more! You'll be in the capable hands of one of our gourmet local guides, who know exactly where you need to go to experience Rome's Street food culture at its lip-smacking best. And it goes without saying you'll need something to wash down all that goodness, so we will also sample some refreshing local craft beer along the way. Discover the fascinating histories behind each speciality; learn about the local ingredients that make them quintessentially Roman, and most importantly just get stuck in!

Join us on an exploration of some of the Eternal city's most characteristic streets around vibrant Campo dei Fiori and Trastevere as we go in search of Rome at its most authentic on our Rome Street food tour. So leave your guidebook at home, give Google a rest and follow us - we've got you covered.

Buon appetito!!

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Piazza Farnese in front of the church Santa Brigida Piazza Farnese, 96 Rome, 00186


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Our guides are fluent in English and have a contagious passion for Rome's inspiring cultural heritage. Experts in their fields, they will immerse you in the hidden histories and intriguing lives of history's great protagonists. So much to see, so easy to miss out: with the help of our guides, visit the most absorbing sites and uncover the stories that have changed the world. Don't miss this fascinating journey!

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