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Through Eternity is staffed by a team of English-speaking archaeologists, historians and art historians who live in the city and every day inhabit her history and traditions in their present shape. They love to share their enthusiasm and knowledge for the city with you, covering all of its important sites and topics with an accessible and engaging approach.

We know that your time in Rome is precious and is often the fulfilment of a life-long dream. We care about this and don't want you to miss this great opportunity to enrich your mind and your life, experiencing at first hand the roots of our present societies and institutions.

With our well-planned and carefully studied itineraries, you will be able to maximise your time experiencing the culture, the history and the art of the past in the most direct and meaningful manner possible. We believe in the importance of travelling with opened eyes, attentive minds and excited hearts. By consequence we design our tours as 360-degree experiences of the eyes, the mind and the heart, helping you not only to appreciate the beauty of art but also clarifying the profound ideas and genuine emotions that inspired its creation. This is the goal that the Italian and American founders of Through Eternity, and all of our team will help you to realize.

Our touring philosophy

With all of our Rome tours you avoid the lines at the Vatican Musuem, St. Peter's Basilica, Colosseum and Roman Forum.

Our group tours of Rome have a maximum of 13 people.

All of our guides are fluent in English and have a contagious passion for the rich cultural tapestry of Rome. They lead our tours of Rome knowing that every day we step on centuries of history, and that a painting encloses as a circle the sense of an artist's life. To unearth these powerful underlying histories, and furthermore to explore with you their powerful relevance to us today, is their goal.

Our Rome tours offer you our expertise to help you explore and experience the city and her treasures, discovering the impact and the meaning that they had at the time of their creation.

Our Rome tours are a journey through the ideas, passions and lives of hundreds of great artists and outstanding figures from the past - from Michelangelo to Bernini, from Julius Caesar to Emperor Constantine - all of whom imparted a new direction to the art and the history of this timeless city.

Our Rome tours are intended to provide an immediate experience of art, offering you the basic tools to engage with the language of the artists in an accessible and interesting manner, and thus reaching through to their powerful worlds of thoughts and emotions.

Our tours of Rome are authentic journeys to the roots of our societies and traditions as we take you into the reality of the past; along the way we will recreate the lively environment and the social and political context in which events, institutions and revolutions developed.

Our Rome private tours give you an in-depth view of the city's temples, piazzas, statues and frescos. Not only will you see and experience these sites on our but you will also re-live the times and places as they were when they were inhabited by our ancestors; those who practiced rituals, participated in ceremonies, ate at wedding and funeral banquets, and who strolled and congregated in these very streets.

Our Rome tours because what we see in the great archeological parks of the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill, and in the imposing architecture of the Colosseum, is all that remains of a vast invisible city of ideas, politics, and economic life. Only through an exploration of this other intangible city will the dead city of colossal architecture come to life and be truly meaningful.

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We are recommended by
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Underground Colosseum
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Underground Colosseum
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Underground group tour
There is another Rome underneath the known...

Our Rome tours to participate in the political and artistic life of Rome in the years of the pontificate of Julius II (1503-1513), to sit at his lavish table in the Belvedere Courtyard with ranks of artists, rich patrons, and art lovers, to be with them at the rediscovery of ancient artworks, at the creation of the frescoes in the Sistine Chapel and in the Raphael Rooms (the Stanze), and at the new Basilica of St. Peter.

Our Rome tours because a visit to Rome is a great opportunity to approach art and to appreciate it, to understand it and to be moved by it.

Our Rome tours to participate in the great artistic enterprises of the Renaissance and in the silent competition that brought Michelangelo and Raphael to draw out frescoes for eternity from the cold plaster of the papal palaces, to understand the techniques, the figures, and their meaning.

Rome of the Artists

"The Pantheon, the Apollo Belvedere, some colossal heads of roman statues and recently the Sistine Chapel, have taken possession of my soul to the point where I see almost nothing else. However, it is difficult, small as we are and used to smallness, to come close to such nobility, grandeur and perfection. I believe myself to have been reborn into a true life the day I arrived in Rome" (J.W. Goethe -Trip to Italy-1786)

"After all kneeled to once again implore the help of God, the architect leading the project sounded the horn. With great effort, they began to work the 140 horses, who in turn moved the 44 pulleys with 800 men supporting them, carefully working until the machines worked in harmony and reached a perfect union with their force. Slowly the enormous obelisk was erected, rising carefully to its feet and causing stupor and marvel among the people. And at the late hour of 11:00 pm, it finally stood firm in its destined spot." (St. Peter's square, September 10th 1586 - Carlo Fontana)

Our Rome tours to follow the gladiatorial games and to contextualize them, uncovering the variegated social environment that fostered their development; learn about the influential weight of imperial propaganda, and the collective ritual-value that these spectacles of death had for the multi-ethnic society of the enormous and turbulent Roman Empire of the 1st century AD and after.

Our Rome tours because we truly travel when we enrich our minds with ideas and our hearts with emotions.

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