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Pompeii Private Tours

Pompeii Private Tour and Its Daily Life

Discover the secrets of the ancient city frozen in time



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Discover the mysteries of the city frozen in time

There is nowhere on earth quite like Pompeii. The best preserved ancient city in the world, its intricate patchwork of streets and houses, baths, bakeries and temples offers a unique and eerie insight into the daily life of antiquity. In the looming shadow of Mount Vesuvius, relive the dramatic events of August 24th, 79 AD when an apocalyptic cloud of molten lava and red-hot ash buried the city in an instant – stopping time and paradoxically preserving it forever.

Gain an incredible peek into the daily lives of the ancients

Pompeii was a relatively prosperous mid-sized town in the Roman empire, and its incredible remains offer an unparalleled window into life in the ancient world. Discover the secrets of Roman religion in spectacular temples dedicated to their pantheon of ancient gods; wander through the opulent private villas of the aristocracy and the cramped tenements where the plebs lived; find out what the ancients ate and drank in bars and restaurants amazingly similar to our own, and learn what they did for recreation in their spare time in bathhouses, brothels and what might be Pompeii’s biggest highlight - one of the best preserved amphitheatres in the world. You’ll also get to see the plaster casts that record the town’s doomed citizens in the poses when they breathed their last – a touching reminder of the human scale of the ancient tragedy. Visiting Pompeii really is like stepping back in time.

Decipher the jigsaw of ancient Pompeii with expert guides

Pompeii might be the most extraordinary relic of antiquity in all the world, but it can be a demanding place to visit without the right guidance. Its bewildering jigsaw of criss-crossing streets and ruined buildings can quickly become a frustrating maze if you don’t know where to go and what to see. So ditch the maps, leave the inadequate explanatory signs behind and let one of our expert guides bring the city to life for you. We only work with top-class guides and archaeologists that we know are capable of engaging every visitor: using engaging anecdotes, vivid first-hand accounts of the disaster and the array of artefacts that dot the site, they’ll paint a vivid and unforgettable portrait of the ancient city.

A private tour of Pompeii with Through Eternity is the best way to discover the secrets of the city buried by time – book your experience today!

A private tour to discover the culture and daily life of Pompeii

It’s late morning on August 24th in the year 79 AD. A dense black cloud rises from Mount Vesuvius, taking the form of an enormous pine tree. It grows larger by the minute and within a few hours it completely covers the sky. Burning rocks rain down on Pompeii. The earth trembles and night falls on Pompeii and its surroundings. The most disastrous phase of the eruption will occur a short time later, at sunrise on August 25th; the personal guide of your Pompeii private tour will vividly describe these dramatic events. The sea withdraws and explosions of molten ash and steam burst from the mountain, advancing at hurricane speed, burying trees, people, and everything in its path. The people of Pompeii try to flee the city, protecting themselves from the falling rocks with pillows and blankets.

Pompeii is buried in an instant, stopping time and freezing the lives of ancient Pompeii forever. On your walking tour of Pompeii you will discover hundreds of statues of gods, oil lamps, necklaces, gladiator helmets, aqueduct and drainage pipes, beds and even engravings over the door of the grocers’ shops petrified forever. Most moving of all is the lovers’ last kiss, destined to last forever.

We have first-hand accounts of the events from two extraordinary and touching letters by Pliny the Younger, which were found not far from Pompeii. These letters will be discussed by your personal guide during your Pompeii tour. Pliny was a historian of the time and found himself in the region in the days of the volcanic eruption. His letters narrate what he saw and heard from the few survivors who fled Pompeii.

On your private tour of Pompeii we will try to bring the city back to life for you

Your personal guide will describe the culture of the time, as well as the habits of the family, marriage, the role of slaves, the government of the city and the economy, exploring the places used by Pompeians in their daily lives.

As you explore the famous temples, the secrets of Roman religion will be revealed. In addition to gaining a deeper understanding of the Roman gods and the role they played in the daily lives of the Ancient Romans, you’ll also learn about cults, superstitions and funerary rites. The ruins of the temples are impressive in themselves, but the explanations of your personal guide will enrich the experience. Other aspects of daily life in Pompeii will be explored on your private tour, as you visit the bars, brothels and bathhouses of the city.

When you explore some of the most opulent private residences in Pompeii, you’ll discover that many of the city’s wealthiest inhabitants were art-lovers, who wanted the walls of their houses decorated with impressive fresco paintings. The private tour of Pompeii of these evocative ruins will offer you a fascinating glimpse of the lives and artistic tastes of their owners.

We will also see the Forum and Basilica of Pompeii, as well as learning how the lighting systems and the latrines functioned in both public and private spaces, during an in-depth exploration of all the sites of the vast excavations of Pompeii. Your Pompeii private tour is specially designed to make sense of the main aspects of the daily life of Ancient Pompeii, such as the famous garum sauce, life in the thermal baths, the taverns and the gambling, and the brothels where both male and female prostitutes worked. Your guide will also tell you about the dramatic events that took place in the city, such as the fights that broke out between rival groups of fans of opposing gladiator teams.

Join us on a fantastic journey in Ancient Pompeii to discover how the city worked and how our ancestors lived.

  • Explore ancient Pompeii's maze of streets in the company of an expert archaeologist so you don't miss out on what you need to see.
  • Visit all the highlights of the ancient city, including the bath-houses, the Forum, countless temples, ancient restaurants and bakeries, the brothel and of course the plaster casts.
  • This is a completely private tour, so you will have a personal guide just for you and your party.
  • Our skip-the-line tickets mean you won't have to wait in the long queues - giving you more time to explore the site.

Classic sights included in our itinerary:

  • The Houses
  • The Baths
  • The Temples
  • The Shops
  • The Roman Forum
  • The Basilica
  • The plaster casts of Pompeii's inhabitants as they were when disaster struck

You will meet your guide at the entrance of the Scavi di Pompeii; Porta Marina Superiore.

This is a walking tour through a large archeological site with uneven surfaces. We recommend comfortable shoes and bring plenty of water


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