Pompeii Day Trip from Rome by Fast Train to Naples and Car Service

Discover the marvels of the city frozen in time on an unforgettable day trip to Pompeii from Rome

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Pompeii Day Trip from Rome by Fast Train to Naples and Car Service

starting time 9:30 am

duration 2.5 hours

Tour Overview

Embark on a fascinating journey into the past and unlock the mysteries of the city frozen in time on our special Pompeii day trip from Rome. In the company of an expert archaeologist, you’ll walk through the eerily abandoned streets of the ancient city buried in lava and choking ash one fateful day in 79 A.D. Discover it with us in the looming shadow of Vesuvius, and relive the dark events that paradoxically preserved the city at the very moment of its destruction. Wandering through Pompeii’s maze of streets still paved with ancient flagstones and rutted by the wheels of Roman chariots, you’ll get an incredible sense of what life was really like in antiquity. We’ll take care of all the details, including return high-speed train tickets from Rome and local car service, meaning all you have to do is enjoy your visit to Pompeii!

Tour includes:

  • Expert private archaeologist guide
  • Skip-the-line tickets to Pompeii
  • Round trip high-speed train tickets from Rome to Naples
  • Return car service from Naples to Pompeii


  • The Forum
  • The Plaster Casts
  • The Amphitheater
  • The Baths
  • Aristocratic Villas
  • The Temples

Tour Description

Discover the imposing ruins of Pompeii

25 August 79 AD: it’s the dawn of a hot day, when Mount Vesuvius explodes and destroys Pompeii in an instant. The streets of Pompeii are filled with molten ash and lava. Trees and buildings are buried for centuries. Some people are lucky and manage to flee. Those left behind die where they fall, petrified for all eternity.

Our Pompeii day trip from Rome by fast train is the perfect opportunity to discover the destiny of Pompeii, and the daily life of its people. Vesuvius destroyed Pompeii, but buried underneath the blanket of lava, countless remnants were preserved. Findings include statues of the gods, oil lamps, jewellery, furniture, and even a lovers’ last kiss. As you explore Pompeii on your private tour, you’ll hear the story of one of the greatest tragedies in history, experiencing first hand the places where the events actually took place.

To truly understand Pompeii, however, we must journey even further back in time - before the tragic events of 79 AD. On your day trip to Pompeii from Rome, you will walk through the streets of Pompeii with your private guide, exploring through the streets, villas, bars and baths that were once bustling with life. You’ll gain a deeper insight into the daily lives of the Pompeians, discovering another side to this fascinating chapter of Roman history.

Get the full picture at Pompeii thanks to our expert guides

The huge archaeological site of Pompeii can seem overwhelming, especially for a first-time visitor. But with the help of your passionate personal guide, an expert on the history of Pompeii and in most cases an archaeologist, you will make sense of Pompeii. During your Pompeii walking tour you’ll get to see the most famous temples and villas as well as some intriguing lesser-known sites, which tend to be overlooked by most visitors.

During your Pompeii day trip from Rome you’ll learn about both public and private aspects of daily life in Pompeii, through your exploration of the city’s atmospheric ruins. We will start with a visit to the large, well-preserved amphitheatre, the perfect chance to learn about public entertainment in Roman times, including gladiator fights and drama. The crowds that gathered to watch the spectacles came from all ranks of society, and there was often conflict between rival groups of fans. A riot broke out during one infamous gladiatorial fight, leading to the closure of the amphitheatre for a decade.

Walk the incredibly preserved streets, and explore villas and temples

When you discover famous temples you’ll learn about the mysteries of Roman religion, including cults, funerary rites and the nature of superstitions. The ruins of the temples are impressive in themselves, but the explanations of your personal guide will enrich the experience, revealing the secrets of Roman religion and rituals. On your Pompeii walking tour you’ll also learn about other aspects of its daily life, as you visit the bars, brothels and bathhouses of Pompeii.

Many of Pompeii’s inhabitants were wealthy art-lovers, as you’ll discover when you explore the ruins of their opulent villas, with their large gardens and decorated courtyards. Visiting these atmospheric houses gives us a fascinating glimpse of the lives and artistic tastes of their owners.

Your personal guide will discuss the different interpretations of frescoes and mosaics, enriching your understanding of religious rituals and the civilization of Pompeii.

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Tour Reviews

5.0 (18 reviews)

Tonia was absolutely fantastic. She was extremely knowledgeable and informative and very engaging. I would highly recommend it.

Faraway - Aug 11, 2023

I was desperate to see Pompeii, but I didn’t want to stay in Naples or any of the places near Pompeii. I determined to do a day trip from Rome, but knew it would be a long, tiring day. Well, with this tour, it was not. Tickets for the high speed train from Rome to Naples were sent to us. When we got off the train in Naples, a driver met us to take us directly to Pompeii. No buying tickets for the commuter train or waiting for the next one to leave. In half an hour we were at the entrance where we met Monica, our guide, who had our tickets in hand. We had a delightful 2 1/2 hours with Monica. She took us to the most interesting places and told us about the history and answered all our questions. I was afraid 2 1/2 hours might not be enough for me, but knew that would be more than plenty for my husband. Happily, we were both satisfied with the time we had. A driver whisked us back to the Naples train station where we caught the train back to Rome. One nice feature is that Through Eternity let’s you pick the time for your train back to Rome. So if you want to visit the Archaeological Museum in Naples or have lunch or whatever, you can take a later train. We came right back to Rome, so we still had the better part of the afternoon to sightsee. It was a marvelous day. As you might guess, the tour was not cheap. But since Pompeii was almost a life-long dream for me, I decided it was worth it. It was actually pretty reasonable for two people, and we were very glad we chose this tour.

Carroll - Nov 21, 2022

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