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Rome Private Tours

Rome Night Tour by Car

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The Eternal City is transformed at night; the sun sets and the city changes character completely. On this intimate tour of Rome by car you’ll be taken to the most famous and most beautiful parts of the city, including the Colosseum, Roman Forum, the Vatican, Piazza Navona, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. The tour is designed to allow you to explore the city in a short time, but at a relaxed pace, learning all about its 2,000 years of history and discovering its magical atmosphere after dark. The advantage of seeing the city by car is that you’ll get a much better understanding of Rome’s geography, while getting to see much more of the city than the average tourist. You’ll also get to enjoy spectacular views from the Pincio Hill and the Gianicolo - glittering panoramas of night-time Rome that will stay with you forever.

Discover the magical history of Eternal City as we travel through the Roman night

 A Rome private tour by car to cover the city from top to bottom, to follow the river, to travel along the ancient walls, and to drive through Rome's beautiful hills. Along the way we will begin to understand the innumerable expansions and contractions that the city has undergone from its birth over 2,700 years ago to the present day.

We have developed this private Rome tour to help you avoid a trap that so many visitors get caught in: being limited by time constraints to exploring only a small portion of the city which, however rich, is just a small sampling of all that Rome has to offer. Here, on the other hand, you will be given a view of the city's development over the centuries, and learn how it has changed and evolved with the passage of time. It is a view that, though as through a glass darkly, brings to light the whole of the city's past.

Discover Rome beneath the stars, bewitched by the moon. Mysterious and magical, Rome under the moon exchanges honking horns and cosmopolitan chaos for lamp-lit streets that cradle dreamers and lovers who breathe in the scented air of romance, lost in endless enchantment. The night alters the face of the city, shrouding everything in a veil of mystery.

As we drive through the city, imagine yourself on horseback, being guided by an architect friend through the various parts of the city: from its origins through the years of the Republic until the time of Christ; on into Imperial Rome, rich and sumptuous; across the dark times of the fall of the Empire. From there, on to the great early Christian basilicas, the Byzantine Empire, the revival of the Renaissance, the majesty of the Baroque, and into the city's redevelopment in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Throughout our private Rome tour by car, we'll be telling you about the people who inhabited the city: the wealthiest neighbourhoods; the changes in population; what they did for a living; their relationships with the river, the hills and the monumental ruins of the ancient city; we will learn how the cultural and political center of the city was moved and redesigned several times, especially as part of the journey from paganism to Christianity.

Starting at the Capitoline Hill, ancient and sacred heart of the pagan city, we will explore the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, the Circus Maximus, the Aventine Hill, the Boarian Forum, the Olitorian Forum, The Spanish Steps and the Pincio Hill with spectacular views over the rooftops of downtown Rome, Piazza del Popolo, Augustus' Mausoleum, Castel' Sant'Angelo, The Bridge of Angels, St. Peter's Basilica, Trastevere, the Janicolum Hill with the entire city glittering at your feet, the Ponte Sisto, The Tiber Island, the Pyramid of Gaius Cestius, the Baths of Caracalla, the ancient Appian Way, the Basilica of Saint John in Lateran, Piazza Vittorio, Piazza della Repubblica, Piazza Navona and the Quirinal Hill, before finally returning to Piazza Venezia.

Grand vistas and ancient enchantments lead you down the road of discovery, bringing you to a new knowledge and understanding of the this wonderful city as it lives and has lived down the ages. Join us on this fascinating Rome private tour to discover it.

  • This is a completely private tour, so you will have a personal guide just for you and your party.

Classic sights included in our itinerary:

  • The Capitoline Hill
  • Views over the Roman Forum, the Colosseum and the Circus Maximus
  • The Spanish Steps
  • Piazza Navona
  • Piazza Venezia
  • Spectacular views over Rome from the Pincio
  • St. Peter's square
  • Trastevere

Your guide and driver will meet you at your hotel

This is a private driving tour through the city centre of Rome


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