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Istanbul, a lively, bustling, modern metropolis, yet a city with a history that reaches back to the Ottomans, Romans and the Greeks! Istanbul bridges the gap between two continents with a culture that is both east and west.

Immerse yourself in this rich history and with our Istanbul Group Tours. Our tours are designed to make exploring Istanbul, easy, comprehensive and fun. You’ll see why tourists have been enchanted by the city from the time of the Romans, to age of the Orient Express, and still to today! 

We have so many options waiting for you to suit your needs, travel style, and touring preferences. (Included in your experience is your Expert "Through Eternity" Guide, Hotel Pick-ups/Drop-offs, Entry Tickets and transportation where applicable).

If your time is limited why not try our Istanbul in a Day full day immersive experience. It is the perfect way to be sure to cover the most important sites, monuments, markets and palaces of the city, all in one day.

Or try smaller bites of half day tours designed to help you see it all while having time on your own to wander. Exploring Imperial Istanbul sites shows you the best off the city of Constantine the Great and the Emperors who followed. Visit the site where the chariots races took place, Hippodrome Square.

Here, like in the empires historic capital of Rome, you can admire an Egyptian Obelisk, brought to decorate the circus, just like Augustus had done in the Circus Maximus hundreds of years before. Of course no visit to Istanbul would be complete without seeing exquisite Hagia Sophia, and gazing at her spectacular mosaics. This Church of the Holy Wisdom will come back to life with the help of your Expert TE Guide, and their in-depth insights to her long and complicated history. 

Istanbul’s Ottoman history is fascinating and as colorful as the gorgeous tiles of the Blues Mosque, to the never ending rows of spices in the markets! The Spice Market with its perfumes, flavors and treats like Turkish Coffee and Turkish Delight are just asking to be sampled! The Grand Bazaar, with its over 4000 shops, has shopkeepers, experts in enticing you to enter and maybe take home a handmade carpet, a glass lamp, some colorful pottery or maybe even jewelry. The markets really accentuate the vivid and lively heart of this city!

Let your Expert "Through Eternity" Guide weave the city’s history while exploring these wonderful places. 

The Blue Mosque, with its minarets reaching towards the sky is a symbol of Ottoman Istanbul. Your visit will bring you back in time to the seventeenth century. Your Expert "Through Eternity" Guide will explain the story of the young Sultan who built it and of course share why it is called Blue Mosque.  Another gem of Ottoman architecture is the elegant beauty of the Topkapi Palace. It was here that the Sultans lived during their 600 year reign, and here that you can explore their many pavilions, gardens, fountains, and even the most secluded part of the palace, the Harem. Off limits to everyone except the Sultan and his family.

As beautiful as it is to stroll the streets, and neighborhoods of the city, there is nothing like seeing Istanbul by boat cruising the Bosphorus Sea. Sail literally through the continents of Europe and Asia on the sea that connected the people, and commerce between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean two millennia. Only then, with the help of your Expert "Through Eternity" Guide, will you understand the importance of this unique position geographically for the Greeks, Romans and Ottomans alike.

Whether cruising the sea and watching the sun set behind Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque in the distance, or extending your visit to include the lovely Princess Island, your time by boat with both captivate and enchant. You may even be accompanied by a Bosphorus resident, one of the three beautiful species of dolphins which are quite common in sea even today. 


The beauty of Istanbul awaits you. Let our local experts show you magic!

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