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Experiencing a city with a history as ancient, rich and complex as Istanbul can be daunting. How do you get the most out of your visit while not wasting precious time on logistics?

Our Private VIP Istanbul and Surroundings Experiences, are the perfect choice! They are designed to help you take your trip to the next level. Your Private Expert TE Guide (along with organized transportation and all entry tickets), will make your journey back in time to the famed gateway between Europe and Asia, an unforgettable experience!They will bring history to life of these amazing cities, sites, and waterways, in a way no guide book can.  

There are so many options to meet your needs and your unique taste. Maybe our full day Istanbul in a Day VIP Experience is a perfect way to start off a long journey to give you a taste of the city, or for a shorter visit this full day tour makes sure you see the best of the best in a single day. There are many options so you can also decide on a variety of full day or half day experiences. Your Private TE Guide is there to show you the beauty of Istanbul in all her fascinating stages. 

Visit Byzantine Istanbul and the sites of the Roman Emperors like the Hippodrome Square, where the chariot races took place, decorated with an imposing Egyptian Obelisk dating back to the XV century b.c.e. Explore Hagia Sofia, with her breathtaking mosaics and see why this church of the Holy Wisdom is considered the best of Byzantium’s architectural heritage. 

Visit the jewels of the Ottoman’s rich and colorful history like the Blue Mosque, which captivates with its imposing minarets reaching towards the sky. This masterpiece of 17th century architecture is not to be missed. Your Private TE Guide will explain where it gets its name and who was the young Sultan who built it. 

To fully experience the life of the Sultans in Ottoman Istanbul, why not take a walk in their footsteps and explore their beautiful Topkapi Palace. Gorgeous gardens, elegant pavilions and even the Harem, (off limits to anyone outside of the Sultan and his family).  The rich narrative your Private "Through Eternity" Guide provides will bring the colors, sounds and scents back to this very complex setting which is just waiting to be explored! 

4000 shops are waiting for you! Let your Private Instanbul Guide lead you through two of the Istanbul’s most famous markets. Fist The Grand Bazaar! Your TE Guide is ready to introduce you to this historic market and even give you tips on bargaining.

Maybe something catches your eye to take home? A beautiful hand made carpet, colorful glass, painted pottery, jewelry? These are just a few of the wonderful things you will find there. But of course the Grand Bazaar is not the only famous market of the city.

No visit would be complete without the perfumes and rich colors of the Spice Market. Here you can enjoy a cup of tea or Turkish Coffee, a piece of Turkish Delight or some of the other wonderful sweets of the market. There are also the lesser known streets to shop and explore, like charming streets of Taksim and Pera. Here you can pass back into the time of the Orient Express. An era of beauty, mystery and intrigue!

Your options don’t stop on land. There is no better way to experience Istanbul than to cruise the waters which made it famous. The Bosphorus Sea. The link between worlds, connecting the Black Sea to the Mediterranean. This strategic position has brought Greeks, Romans, and so many others along with the goods they traded, back and forth for thousands of years. Our Bosforo Private Yacht Hire is just the ticket to experience these waters just like the emperors or sultans. Maybe a cruise at sunset to watch the sun setting over the hills, monuments, and mosques, or have a catered lunch while passing palaces, fortresses and hunting lodges, you have many possibilities.If you’re lucky you may even sea the joyous dance of dolphins who inhabit these water. 

Did you know that two of Turkey’s most famous sites are a short flight away?

Why not take part in two of our most unique experiences completely arranged for you. From Hotel pickup, flight, airport pickup, private Expert TE Guide, private driver, some meals, all entry tickets and itineraries arranged. The only thing you need to do is pack your bag and go!

Visit the UNESCO world heritage site of Cappadoccia! There is no place in the world with a topography so unique and so colorful. Fairy Chimneys reaching to the sky and you can see them by land and by Hot Air Balloon if you choose! You will explore underground cave settlements, painted byzantine monasteries and hidden villages. 

An ancient jewel of Asia Minor also awaits you. Ephesus! This port city was the center of culture, learning, mercantile activity and home to famous cults like the Temple of Diana of Ephesus. Its rich history is a long one. Not only can you visit the famous Library of Celsus, and site where Diana’s massive temple once stood, but Ephesus also held significant value for the early Christians. It is here where tradition tells us, that Saint John brought Mary, mother of Christ, and our visit takes you to the holy site of the House of the Virgin Mary. 

Istanbul is no ordinary city. Its sites and surroundings are rich in history, and color. Join us and let us show you all the magic it has to offer. All tailored just for you on our VIP Private Istanbul Tours.  

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