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5 fantastic fountains in Rome

5 fantastic fountains in Rome

Rome is full of fountains, you will find spectacular ones in any random piazza. As temperatures soar during the summer, a dip in the fountain seems tempting, but try to resist

23rd Aug 2016

My experience of a Vatican Tour

My experience of a Vatican Tour

When I see the lines outside the Vatican Museums, I felt incredibly relieved to be part of a private tour, especially when most visitors had to endure a 2-4 hours wait outside

2nd Aug 2016

Why did Michelangelo choose Jonah on the Sistine Chapel ceiling?

Why did Michelangelo choose Jonah on the Sistine Chapel ceiling?

Jonah welcomes us. It is Jonah and the whale who suddenly come to greet us the moment we enter the chapel. But why did Michelangelo choose Jonah? The answer lies in his story

1st Aug 2016

Ruins of Pompeii

My Pompeii private tour

We were lucky to be on a private tour, we avoided the lengthy lines. We were able to enter directly and began walking along the cobbled streets past the temples of Venus and Apollo

13th Jul 2016

Religious Relics in Rome

Religious Relics in Rome

From pieces of the True Cross, pieces of the table from the Last Supper, to tombs, bones, even fingers and heads of some of the past Saints. Rome is scattered with ancient relics

7th Jul 2016

Exhibitions in Rome - Rome Tours

July exhibitions in Rome

After you’ve been on one of our Rome tours, make the most of your stay by visiting the Vatican, Capitoline Museums, and some excellent temporary exhibitions at museums and galleri ...

6th Jul 2016

Bernini's colonnade of St. Peter's Basilica - Vatican Tour

Artist of the month: Bernini and his artworks in Rome

Bernini was one of the greatest artists and architects of the Baroque. It’s impossible to visit Rome without crossing his work, but most notable for his work at the Vatican.

28th Jun 2016