Rome Birthday predated due to new findings of the sixthy century B.C.

Wed 28 Dec 2016

It never fails to surprise us the history of Rome, constantly updated by the finds brought to light by the investigation into the underground level. The news, reported in the Washington Post and the other major channels of communication, rewrites our knowledge of Rome. A few weeks ago a prestigious residence was discovered in the center of Rome dating back to the sixth century BC. It is situated in the Quirinal Hill area, and was considered a necropolis or ancient cemetery until today. At the time of the first kings of Rome, especially of Servius Tullius, it seemed that the city extended only over the Palatine Hill and the valley of the Roman Forum. The imposing ruins found today, along with the stone blocks related to a huge adjacent temple that were discovered in recent years, verifies that Rome was a city of considerable size even then. This is certainly not the last surprise Rome will reveal, as we witness the incessant excavations for the new metro line beneath the streets of Rome. Read more on the chapters of this never-ending history by visiting our Rome tours. Through Eternity entrusts its guides to discover Rome’s richness of art, history and culture in your next trip to Rome. 

~ by Rosario Gorgone ~

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