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The Mosaics of St. Clement Basilica

The stunning golden mosaics of St. Clement's Basilica in Rome

Learn about the mosaics of St. Clement’s Basilica: decipher their intricate medieval symbolism and unveil the secrets hidden behind millions of shiny golden tiles.

15th Feb 2019

Saint Clement's Basilica

The Seven Wonders of Saint Clement’s Basilica in Rome

Discover the seven most amazing treasures of Saint Clement’s Basilica, from the dark depths of its multileveled underground area, to the top of its shining Baroque ceiling.

1st Feb 2019

The Resurrection of Christ in Vatican Museum’s Tapestry Gallery

The Resurrection of Christ in Vatican Museum’s Tapestry Gallery

Learn about the incredible Resurrection of Christ tapestry in the Vatican, and let the eyes of Jesus follow you in a ingenious optical illusion.

13th Nov 2018

Columbus in the Hall of Maps

Christopher Columbus Hitches a Ride in the Hall of Maps

Discover the history of Columbus heading to the new world as depicted in the Hall of Maps in the Vatican Museums, on the way to the Sistine Chapel.

19th Jun 2018

rome street art

Street Art in Rome’s San Lorenzo: Portrait of a Neighbourhood

Rome's art scene is more vibrant and alive than ever. Discover the city's great street-art scene with our interactive guide to the murals of the cutting-edge neighbourhood of San ...

18th Jun 2018

The penitent Magdalene of Donatello in Florence

Donatello’s Penitent Magdalene: A ‘Hag of Articulate Wood’ in Renaissance Florence

Get the full story behind Donatello’s magnificent wooden sculpture of Mary Magdalene in Florence, an unmissable Renaissance masterpiece that vividly showcases the extremes of ...

18th Jun 2018

The Laocoon of the Vatican Museums

Laocoon sculpture in the Vatican Museums

Get a glimpse into one of the most dramatic and famous moments of Greek mythology through the painful scream of Laocoön and his sons, strangled by a serpent.

14th May 2018