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Accurate insider guide to Rome art, history, cultural heritage and local travel tips.

Hidden Sights - page 4

The story of the Tiber Island

The story of the Tiber Island

In the middle of the Tiber, in between Trastevere and the Jewish Ghetto, lies an island most may not even realize, but this island has a history dating back to as old as Rome itself

3rd Oct 2016

Rome transforms at night

Rome transforms at night

Rome takes on a whole new atmosphere at night. Ruins light up the sky, while dim lit alleyways become romantic. Discover another side of Rome, save some exploring for after dark

1st Sep 2016

Discovering Rome on a private tour

Discovering Rome on a private tour

On a private tour of Rome you’ll get to see famous sights and hidden gems, while learning about the history with one of our expert guides, usually an art historian or archaeologis ...

2nd Aug 2016

Ancient Roman Banquet

Banquets in Ancient Rome

Thanks to a variety of sources - archaeological remains, art, and even ancient cookbooks - we have a pretty good idea of what a Roman banquet would have looked like

22nd Jul 2016

The Turtle Fountain - Rome Tours

10 unusual places to visit in Rome

Rome is full of surprises. Even exploring a neighbourhood you think you know well, you’re bound to stumble across an unusual church, museum, or a monument you’ve never seen ...

16th Jun 2016

Via della Conciliazione - Vatican Tour

The 7 most magical streets in Rome

After you’ve been on one of our Rome tours, make the most of your stay by visiting the Vatican, Capitoline Museums, and some excellent temporary exhibitions at museums and galleri ...

10th Jun 2016

Circus Maximus - Rome Tours

10 of the best open spaces in Rome

When the sun’s shining there’s no better place to be than outside. With a wealth of parks and fascinating sites, you could spend a whole day exploring the open spaces of the ...

9th May 2016