Hidden Sights

Looking for something a little different? Then head off the beaten track and gain an insight into some of the most overlooked travel destinations that Europe has to offer with our experts.

Art The Resurrection of Christ in Vatican Museum’s Tapestry Gallery

The Resurrection of Christ in Vatican Museum’s Tapestry Gallery

Learn about the incredible Resurrection of Christ tapestry in the Vatican, and let the eyes of Jesus ...

Thu 01 Jun 2023

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Unveiling the Nightlife Scene in Athens: Where the City Comes Alive

Exploring the nightlife scene in Athens, Greece.

Wed 31 May 2023

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7 Peaceful Cloisters to Escape the Crowds in Rome

When the crowds in Rome get too much, head to these beautiful oases of calm and tranquility to escap ...

Thu 25 May 2023

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Island Hopping in the Greek Isles: Top Destinations to Visit

Learn about the best islands to visit and their highlights.

Thu 25 May 2023

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Athens Beyond the Acropolis: Exploring the City's Neighborhoods

Go beyond the highlights of Athens and explore the neighborhoods that make up the diverse, complex ...

Wed 17 May 2023

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Art 5 Amazing Ceiling Paintings in Rome

5 Amazing Ceiling Paintings in Rome

In Rome, some of the greatest artistic masterpieces are located above our heads. Discover 5 of the ...

Fri 12 May 2023

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Volcanic Paradises in Sicily: A Guide to the Aeolian Islands

Explore the spectacular volcanic Aeolian islands with us, and discover why they are a must-visit on ...

Mon 01 May 2023

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11 Lesser Known Ancient Sites in Rome You Need to See

Beyond world-famous ancient landmarks like the Colosseum and Forum, stunning traces of antiquity ...

Fri 21 Apr 2023

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On the Trulli Trail: The Best Towns to Visit in Puglia’s Valle d’Itria

Join us as we embark on a journey through Puglia's magnificent Valle d'Itria to discover the land of ...

Thu 13 Apr 2023

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Visiting the Ancient Agora of Athens

See the ruins of the ancient Agora of Athens and learn about the daily lives of Athenians.

Tue 04 Apr 2023

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All aboard the Orient Express, final stop Istanbul!

Following the Orient Express to her final stop of Istanbul finding some of the cities best hidden ...

Mon 08 May 2023

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The Peak of Athens - Mount Lycabettus

Mount Lycabettus and Kolonaki are two of the best off-the-beaten path destinations in Athens.

Wed 22 Mar 2023

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