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5 reasons to explore Italy with Through Eternity

5 reasons to explore Italy with Through Eternity

We show you the masterpieces and the stories behind them Our walking tours of the Vatican Museums and the Uffizi give you a unique opportunity not only to see the masterpieces, but ...

2nd Feb 2016

Rome Ponte Milvio

Ponte Milvio: Rome's Bridge of Love and War

Located in the northern part of Rome is perhaps one of the more significant, yet lesser known (or somewhat overlooked) landmarks of the Roman Empire, Ponte Milvio or the Milvian ...

29th Jan 2016

Port Antica Ostia Roma

Ostia Antica: the great ancient port of Rome and its daily life

The harbour of Ancient Rome, Ostia Antica, served as perhaps one of the most important hubs of commerce for the Roman Republic and later the Roman Empire. Situated at the mouth, (or ...

18th Jan 2016

The Domus Aurea: Nero's pleasure palace in Rome

The Domus Aurea: Nero's pleasure palace in Rome

The House of God of Nero: read about the story of its Palace of endless beauty and complexity, its rediscovery in the 16th century and the current restoration.

22nd Jan 2016

Largo di Torri Argentina

The Discovery of Ancient Temples and the Murder of Julius Caesar

During the period of Italian unification in the early 19th century, many areas of Rome were completely reconstructed or renovated. In 1927, demolition and reconstruction was set to ...

8th Jan 2016

Florence Ponte Vecchio

How to spend your day in Florence

For anyone fascinated by history or enchanted by art, Renaissance Florence is an obvious choice. Imagine walking through the streets and piazzas of a city that was being transformed ...

13th Jan 2016

Rome and the Invention of Water

Rome and the Invention of Water

The highly advanced, expansive and groundbreaking Roman waterway system, known as the aqueducts, was one of the greatest achievements in the ancient world. These mostly underground ...

13th Jan 2016