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5 reasons to explore Italy with Through Eternity to get a great experience

Thu 15 Dec 2016

5 reasons to explore Italy with Through Eternity

1. We show you the masterpieces and the stories behind them

Our walking tours of the Vatican Museums and the Uffizi Gallery give you a unique opportunity not only to see the masterpieces, but to discover the stories behind them. Through Eternity you'll get to know the greatest artists of the Renaissance, including Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo Da Vinci. You'll learn about their lives and inspirations, and as you admire their paintings, our expert guides will draw your attention to the fascinating details you might have otherwise missed. Our five hour Vatican tour gives you a much more in-depth experience of the Museums, including sections such as the Pinacoteca (Painting Gallery) that are overlooked by other tour companies. As well as the masterpieces, you'll see some of the lesser-known treasures of the Renaissance.

2. We bring the past to life

“What is the city but the people?” asks Shakespeare in Coriolanus. One of our  Rome tours  is not just a tour of the city, but an introduction to its people. As well as the lives of the popes, emperors and great artists, you'll also discover the lives of the ordinary people, the fascinating stories of Ancient Rome that bring the past to life. On your walk of the Roman Forum you'll learn about daily life in the ancient city, from the baths to the temples. Our  Colosseum tours  will help you to understand this incredible monument from every angle, through the eyes of spectators, slaves and gladiators alike.

3. We take you underground

There's more to Rome than meets the eye. Although there's plenty to see on the surface, to truly understand the ancient city, you need to go underground. A guided visit to the catacombs gives a fascinating insight into the origins of Christianity. In the vast Catacombs of San Callisto on the Appian Way, you'll see the tombs of saints and popes. There are more amazing discoveries to be made beneath the Basilica of San Clemente and Santi Giovanni e Paolo, including ancient houses and beautiful mosaics.

4. We give you exclusive access

The spectacular views from the third tier of the Colosseum are not available to everyone, but we let you explore this ancient monument in its entirety, from the subterranean tunnels of the hypogeum to the very top of the Colosseum. Through Eternity Tours also give you exclusive access to the Vatican, allowing you to skip the lines and see the Sistine Chapel first thing in the morning, before the crowds arrive. When new sites are opened to the public, such as the Imperial Ramp in the Forum or the House of Augustus on the Palatine Hill, our tours are extended to include them.

5. We care

Through Eternity Tours give you a much more personal experience, as you have plenty of opportunities to get to know your guide, and to ask lots of questions. You'll also share the experience with a small group of other visitors who are just as passionate about history as themselves. A visit to Rome or Florence should be both educational and enjoyable, and we want you to make the most of your time in Italy. Our friendly and enthusiastic guides and our helpful office staff will ensure that you have a fantastic time on your Italian experience, seeing the cities in a new light.

~by Alexandra Turney~

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