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There’s a lot more to Barcelona than great art and culture. No trip to the Catalan capital is complete without delving into the city’s mouth-watering food scene, and on our Barcelona food tours you’ll be able to taste for yourself why the city is a must-visit destination for foodies from all around the world.

Prepare yourself for some delicious culinary adventures in the company of our resident gourmet guides as we explore the tastes and aromas of Catalan cuisine in all its abundant variety.

The tangled medieval streets and sweeping modernist boulevards of Barcelona are home to a bewildering array of eateries, from hidden hole-in-the-wall wine bars to temples of fine dining and everything in between. As with any major city there are plenty of tourist traps ready and waiting to catch out unsuspecting visitors too, so let one of our local experts guide you on your foodie journey to ensure you get to sample Barcelona’s fare at its traditional best. 

Our tapas tours of Barcelona make for the perfect introduction to the lip-smacking delights of Catalan food culture. We’ll be making a bee-line for the best tapas bars in the city where the counters are piled high with local specialties: from tortilla to croquetas, grilled vegetables, savoury cheeses, fish stews and more, there’s something for every palette on our food tours of Barcelona.

In Barcelona, food and culture collide: nowhere offers a clearer picture of the powerful relationship between the citizens of Barcelona and its cuisine than the vibrant food markets that you can find all across the city. A visit to the iconic Boqueria market is a veritable feast for the senses not to be missed when in the Catalan capital.

For those of you fond of the pleasures of the grape, meanwhile, the Barcelona region is the world capital of Cava - why not join us for a day trip into the countryside to sample Catalonia’s answer to Champagne in the vineyards where it has been made for centuries?

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