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10 things about the Sistine Chapel

10 things about the Sistine Chapel

Discover 10 interesting facts and myth busters regarding the Sistine Chapel, from how Michelangelo painted the ceiling, his feelings towards work, and the first depiction of God

29th Aug 2016

5 fantastic fountains in Rome

5 fantastic fountains in Rome

Rome is full of fountains, you will find spectacular ones in any random piazza. As temperatures soar during the summer, a dip in the fountain seems tempting, but try to resist

23rd Aug 2016

Discovering Rome on a private tour

Discovering Rome on a private tour

On a private tour of Rome you’ll get to see famous sights and hidden gems, while learning about the history with one of our expert guides, usually an art historian or archaeologis ...

2nd Aug 2016

The famous Via Condotti

10 of the best shops in Rome

From the designer shops of Via Condotti to the quirky market stalls of Porta Portese, Rome covers the full spectrum of shopping experiences, if you know where to look

29th Jul 2016

Porta Portese

Top 5 flea markets in Rome

While some prefer the high-end boutiques of Via Condotti, others may prefer a genuine outdoor Italian market for all your shopping needs ranging from fur coats, jewelery, souvenirs

11th Jul 2016

The Turtle Fountain - Rome Tours

10 unusual places to visit in Rome

Rome is full of surprises. Even exploring a neighbourhood you think you know well, you’re bound to stumble across an unusual church, museum, or a monument you’ve never seen ...

16th Jun 2016

Via della Conciliazione - Vatican Tour

The 7 most magical streets in Rome

After you’ve been on one of our Rome tours, make the most of your stay by visiting the Vatican, Capitoline Museums, and some excellent temporary exhibitions at museums and galleri ...

10th Jun 2016