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Where to Stay in Rome in 2024: A Hotel and Area Guide

Fri 17 May 2024

Where to Stay in Rome in 2024: A Hotel and Area Guide

Europe is awash with glittering metropolises, each with its own unique personality and charm. Paris may be sophisticated, and Florence is the cradle of the Renaissance, but only one is known as the Eternal City—Rome. But with any of these big cities, knowing where not to stay is as important as knowing where to stay. 

Let me break down some of the central neighborhoods and help guide you in your decision on where to stay in Rome so that your visit to the Eternal City will be memorable for all the right reasons.  

The city of Rome is a layer cake of history like no other. Divided into 22 Rionis (neighborhoods), each has its own distinct character. Choosing where to stay can make or break your visit, and it can seem like a daunting task. Do you want to be in the thick of the action, or would you prefer to be somewhere quieter in the evening? Do you want to be close to the metro, or would you rather walk around the city? Are you traveling alone or with the family in tow? There are thousands of options, from 5-star luxury hotels to independent boutique guesthouses, quaint family B&Bs, or even independent apartments. 



Map of the Best Hotels in Rome


Why Should You Stay in Spagna (Campo Marzio)?

When you think of the Grand Tour of the 18th century or the glamor of "La Dolce Vita" and the golden age of Italian cinema, the neighborhood and streets near the Spanish Steps immediately spring to mind. Here is where the English poet John Keats lived and died, and vestiges of the Grand Tour can still be seen in the English-style tea rooms nearby. Traditionally popular among artists and writers, Piazza di Spagna was thrust into the spotlight again in the '50s with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in the cinematic classic Roman Holiday.

This glamorous neighborhood is still popular with a well-heeled, fashion-conscious crowd. Spagna is where you'll find some of Rome's grandest hotels, and many of Italy's fashion houses keep boutiques on the exclusive Via dei Condotti. The area is well-connected by metro, and most of Rome's attractions are reachable on foot. Spagna is ideal for those who want to be in the center of things and feel the glamor of Rome. 


Where to stay in Spagna

Our Featured Favourite Hotel

The Hassler Rome

The Hassler is a Roman institution, known locally as the stairway to heaven in large part due to their location atop the iconic Spanish Steps. The Hassler opened in early 1893 but was requisitioned by the US Air Force during WWII before reopening its doors to the public in 1947.

In an area that defines luxury in Rome, the Hassler is far from the only option. The Hotel de Russie is Springsteens' favorite hotel in Europe for a reason, and the recently refurbished Hotel de la Ville oozes elegance, but the Hassler is the original. The marble and dark wood finishes could feel dated; instead, they exude old-world elegance.

The Hassler is not content with resting on its laurels. It keeps things fresh by remodeling 10 of its 87 rooms annually, ensuring a modern and comfortable stay for its guests. The in-house restaurant, the Imàgo, is a beacon of culinary excellence, recently earning its first Michelin Star. And the bar, known for serving what Princess Diana deemed the best Bellini in the world, continues to delight with its impeccable service.

If your dreams of Rome were born out of a love for Audry Hepburn and Gregory Peck, then the Hotel Hassler is perfect for your Roman holiday.


The Best Hotels in Spagna

Why You Should Stay in the Centro Storico of Rome

This area really is the beating heart of Rome. For me, the Centro Storico encompasses the area of Piazza Navona, the Pantheon, and Campo dei Fiori. I won't lie - I spent much of my 20's and 30's here. But there's a reason - this was the heart of ancient Rome, a plane of ancient temples that later became the core of the medieval city and where many of the dramas of the Renaissance and Baroque played out. Is there a perfect Roman neighborhood? No. Does one come close? Absolutely. Tread the cobbles here, and you'll discover not just the location of the assassination of Julius Caesar but also the largest unsupported concrete dome in the world (the Pantheon),  superlative markets, galleries, and an adorable cat sanctuary. 

There's no shortage of places to eat and drink—some better than others—but despite the tourist influx, the local spirit holds strong. Honestly, don't touch the fruit in the market unless you're going to buy it. 

Like much of Rome, there's no metro, but buses, taxis are plentiful. If you want a central location between the two big box office attractions of the Vatican and Colosseum, then your where stay in Rome's top pick has got to be the Centro Storico. 


Where to Stay in the Centro Storico of Rome

Our Featured Favourite

Six Senses Rome

A few years ago, the hotel scene in Rome was perceived as outdated. However, a wave of ultra-modern hotels has transformed the city's hospitality landscape. The Bulgari, the Hoxton, Fendi Suites, W Rome, and others have all played a part in this rejuvenation, but none have made a more significant impact than the Six Senses Rome.

Leading the way in terms of sustainability and eco-friendliness, the word most commonly used to describe the Six Senses is sanctuary. Drawing on elements of ancient Rome's glories, the architects took inspiration from the House of Livia and the Roman bathhouses, which created a blend of ancient and modern in the heart of Rome.

The rooms are decorated in natural tones that can be hard to find in Rome, creating a serene space. If you are lucky enough to get a balcony, you can people-watch to your heart's content.

If you are traveling with kids, you'll love their kid's concierge, babysitting services, and workshops—an excellent spot for all travelers.


The Best Hotels in the Centro Storico


Why You Should Stay in Monti

Monti is a fantastic neighborhood for first-time visitors to Rome. It's one of Rome's oldest neighborhoods, the first of Rome's 22 Rioni. Centrally located, Monti has access to the metro and is a mere stone's throw from the Colosseum and the Roman Forum (perfect for history geeks). 

Today, it's a trendy upscale district with a village feel that belies its original roots. Once known as the "suburra(the origin of our modern word suburban), in antiquity, this was a notorious slum famed for its fire-prone ramshackle tenements, criminal gangs, and prostitutes. 

Now, sitting on a piazza sipping a spritz, you'd never know of Monti's seedy past. Today, you'll find a lively neighborhood brimming with excellent restaurants, cute wine bars, independent boutiques, and vintage stores, all set among picturesque cobbled streets with ivy-clad buildings and impossibly quaint piazzas. 

It's popular with a fashionable hipster crowd, but real locals live here, too. Monti is ideal for those who want a real neighborhood that still feels close to the main attractions. Few large luxury international hotels are to be found here - instead, you'll find small independent boutique guesthouses and apartments to truly make you feel like a local. 


Where to Stay in Monti

Our Featured Favourite Hotel

Palazzo Manfredi

If I told friends I would meet them in Monti for a drink, I doubt we would assume we would be this side of the Colosseum. But it is part of Monti, just not the pretty, uber-hip area of Monti that is so popular today.

So why did I select Palazzo Manfredi as my featured favorite? Did you see that view? Housed in a 17th-century residence just a stone's throw from the Colosseum, Palazzo Manfredi is in the very heart of Imperial Rome. You could only get closer if you pitched a tent on the ancient Arena floor.

The hotel bar is a destination in itself. It serves beautiful cocktails (and mocktails) in an adult-only environment. If that isn't enough, why not book dinner at Aroma, the in-house Michelin-starred restaurant?

The hotel is modern, with beautifully defined rooms and suites. While it is not in central Monti, it is just a 5-minute walk from some of the best restaurants and bars in the city, right next door to the Colosseum and the Metro B, making it a great base to explore the Eternal City.

The Best Hotels in Monti



Trastevere lies just slightly away from the traditional historic center on the Vatican side of the river Tiber. I called this place home for more than 10 years.  

A traditionally working-class neighborhood dating back to ancient times, the locals here have always considered themselves to have a distinct identity separate from the rest of Rome. Today, the neighborhood boasts a bohemian feel, with artisan shops and craft beer bars nestled cheek-by-jowl with traditional family-run businesses and trattorias. A warren of cobbled alleys, with colorful laundry strung between buildings dripping with ivy, Trastevere is impossibly enchanting. The area is largely pedestrianized and so bustles with vibrant nightlife in the evening, but just a few streets away, you can also find peace and tranquility. 

Trastevere does not have a metro; however, like much of Rome's center, most of the main sights are within easy walking distance, and it is well-connected by bus and tram. 

Where to Stay in Trastevere

Our Featured Favourite Hotel

Horti 14 Borogo Trastevere

Overlooking the Botanical Gardens of Rome and located in an old timber depot, Horti 14 is an oasis of calm just a stone's throw from the bustling heart of Trastevere.

With just 25 rooms, Horti 14 is more on the boutique end of the Roman hotel spectrum, but the service is impeccable, and the rooftop bar overlooking the botanical gardens is the perfect place to unwind after a busy day's sightseeing.


The Best Hotels in Trastevere


Why You Should Stay Near the Vatican

Prati, the area around the Vatican may not seem typically Roman at first sight - the grand 19th-century buildings and wider boulevards seem more akin to Paris or Vienna than Rome. Indeed, in contrast to the ancient Monti, this is Rome's 22nd 'Rione'. However, just a few steps away from the tourist hoards, you can find one of Rome's calmer, more gentile neighborhoods, with ideal connections, good food, and a bit more space than you might find closer to the ancient center.  

A few pockets of the ancient medieval 'borgo' still remain beside St. Peter's Basilica, but this marshy area was overhauled in the 19th century and later under Mussolini. The result is an elegant residential neighborhood where traditional food markets and restaurants jostle alongside more tourist offerings. Honestly, walk a few blocks, and the tourists and tourist traps disappear. In addition, this is one of the center's calmer areas in the evening, ideal for families.


Where to Stay Near the Vatican


Our Featured Favourite Hotel

Villa Agrippina Gran Melia

You will find more apartments than hotels in this area. Despite that, I struggled to pick a featured favorite for this area. The First Roma Musica is part of a triptych of hotels, including The First Roma Arte and The First Roma Dolce; together, they have been redefining affordable luxury in Rome. But since I had to choose just one venue, I decided to go with Villa Agrippina. 

Located just South of St Peter's Basilica, Villa Agrippina is one of the few hotels in Rome with a resort feel. From pools to spa, there is everything you need for a relaxing stay in Rome. And on top of that, it's within walking distance of Rome's major attractions.

The Best Hotels Near the Vatican


Why You Should Stay Near Termini

Termini is the neighborhood beside the city's main train station.

This is always a difficult area for me to review. It has its advantages—the metro train and bus connections are unparalleled. It's ideal for those staying for one or two nights or those who want to embark on day trips.

I love its multicultural feel, and when I lived here, it was the best place to source international ingredients and taste food that wasn't Roman. That said, depending on where you stay here, you can have a wonderful experience or, quite frankly, a grim one. 

If you choose to stay near Termini, my recommendation is to stay south of the station, near Piazza della Repubblica. 

Here, you're closer to the magnificent but underrated National Museum with the spectacular Baths of Diocletian. Stroll down the hill to Santa Maria Maggiore, one of the city's major Papal Basilicas—the source of a fanciful and snowy legend. It includes the little-known resting place of Bernini and a miraculous icon that saved the Romans during the plague. 

In short, the Southwest of the train station is going to be your sweet spot. Indeed, near Piazza Repubblica, some of the city's best hotels are to be found. 

Head north for a grittier, more authentic experience with real Romans and real food. 


Where to Stay Near Termini

The Regis

Our Featured Favourite Hotel

The St. Regis Rome

There are many grand hotels in Rome, but few have the pedigree of the Regis. First opened in 1894 by renowned Swiss hotelier César Ritz, there may be hotels with better gyms, spas, or other amenities, but few compare to the Regis for sheer wistful, nostalgic luxury. In a city of world-class museums, the Regis is almost a museum to a forgotten age itself.

The hotel has been renovated in the last few years, and the opening of the wonderful LUMEN cocktail bar is a welcome addition. But traditions are essential at the Regis, and every night at 7 pm, the evening is still welcomed in with the champagne sabering. As Napoleon once said, 'Champagne! In victory, one deserves it; in defeat, one needs it!' So, no matter how your day goes, start the evening in style when staying at the Regis.


The Best Hotels Around Termini


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