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The Best Rome Tours to Take in 2024 and Why

Tue 12 Mar 2024

Best Rome Tours to Take and Why

Rome is a complex and beautiful beast. She wasn't built in a day, and she won't be seen in a weekend. So, how do you prioritize what to see and where to visit when in Rome? I'm Ian, and I've been leading tours for Through Eternity since 2006. These are my choices for the best Rome tours to take this year and why!


Are Tours of Rome Worth it?


Absolutely, yes! But of course, I'm going to say that. I am a professional tour guide, and I'm writing for a tour operator; my bias is clear to see. So, let me explain why I think tours of Rome are worth it.

I have led thousands, maybe close to hundreds of thousands, of people around Rome's historic monuments. The majority loved it and, in turn, loved Rome. But I have met hundreds of people in bars, cafes, and airports who have told me they hated Rome. When I dig deeper, they all have one thing in common: They failed to prepare!

They told me they disliked where they stayed or were overwhelmed by the lines and the crowds.  To get the most out of Rome, you need to plan ahead. That is where a great tour operator comes in. A great tour is 70% knowledge and entertainment and 30% logistics.

The logistics are handled due to Through Eternity's long-standing relationship with the Vatican, the Colosseum, and many of Rome's most spectacular monuments. You just have to turn up and enjoy the day. So here are my choices for the best tours of Rome to take and why!


The Best Walking Tours of Rome in 2024


1.  Rome at Twilight Among the Piazzas and Fountains

When you have lived in Rome for over a decade, it's easy to become somewhat blasé about Rome's beauty. But when the sun starts to set, the light hits a building at an angle you never noticed, and you fall in love all over again.  There is no part of the day more enjoyable, more beautiful, and more temperate than twilight.

If you can only check in to your accommodation after 2 pm, visiting the Colosseum and the Vatican is not going to be possible on your first day. However, the Rome at Twilight tour lets you hit the ground running. You'll get to grips with the city's history and see sights like the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona, and so much more. 

This is the perfect introduction to Rome and ensures that the day you arrive isn't just scratched off as a travel day.




2.  Domus Aurea Tour (Nero's Golden House) 


This experience is something a bit special. An expert archaeologist leads this tour as you explore one of Rome's most infamous characters, the Nero Emperor, and his sumptuously decorated Golden Palace. Entry tickets are limited and strictly by reservation, so you will not only get to visit one of Rome's most important archaeological sites but also do so with an incredibly small group of other intrepid travelers.

Nero built the Domus Aurea after the great fire of Rome in 64AD. After his death, the sprawling palace complex was buried so Emperor Vespasian could build the colossal Flavian Amphitheater, more commonly known today as the Colosseum.

The Golden Palace of Nero remained buried for centuries and only reopened to the public in 2019. Even today, it is only open three days a week. Walking its vast halls is a privilege, and exploring them with an expert archaeologist is an experience you will never forget.



3.  Early Morning Vatican with Sistine Chapel Semi-Private Tour



This is an excellent option for early birds who enjoy sightseeing in the morning. Beat the heat and the worst of the crowds by being among the first to enter the museums at the beginning of the day. Skip the line with your expert guide, who will lead you through the maze of galleries, taking in all the highlights, including the Pinecone Courtyard, the Gallery of the Maps, and the breathtaking Raphael Rooms, before you arrive at the jewel in the crown of the collection—Michelangelo's stunning Sistine Chapel. 

From here, let your guide take you and your small group away through a special entrance directly to St. Peter's Basilica. You can admire masterpieces such as the Pietà, Bernini\'s hulking bronze Baldachin, and Michelangelo's soaring, glittering Dome in awe. All this with time to spare before lunch? You've definitely earned that bowl of pasta!


4.  Colosseum with Gladiator Arena Floor, Forum, and Palatine Hill Semi-Private Tour

Is there any monument more evocative of Rome than the Colosseum? Whether it's your first or hundredth time in Rome, it never fails to inspire awe. But getting inside has never been more challenging. Tickets sell out a month in advance, and if you decide to turn up on the day, expect to spend hours online.

Book this tour in advance, and you will skip the line and get exclusive access to the arena floor, which is open to only 200 people every hour. Walking beneath the same archways that the gladiators once did, out of the darkness and into the blinding light of the arena, is an unforgettable experience. 

I'd been leading tours of the Colosseum for almost a decade when they first opened the arena floor, and I cannot express how excited I was when I finally got to step out onto it. It was a true bucket-list moment!


5.  Private VIP Sistine Chapel with Vatican Tour


The Private Early Morning Sistine Chapel and Vatican tour is the best choice for those who want the ultimate customizable experience. It is ideal for families, those with mobility issues, or travelers seeking a special bespoke experience. 

There is no 'one-size-fits-all' group tour of the Vatican. However, a private tour can cater to your needs. Your personal guide will adjust to your pace and interests and give you a unique, meaningful, and unforgettable experience. 



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