Laocoon sculpture in the Vatican Museums

Get a glimpse into one of the most dramatic and famous moments of Greek mythology through the painfu ...

Mon 14 May 2018

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Augustus Caesar Octavian: What’s in a Name for Rome’s First Emperor?

Retrace the sensational life of Octavius Augustus in his conquering of the Republican institutions ...

Mon 07 May 2018

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The Catacombs of Domitilla: Rome’s Eerie Underground Land of the Dead

The Catacombs of Domitilla conserve the secrets of the earliest Christians dating back to the 2nd ...

Thu 03 May 2018

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Luther’s Graffiti in Raphael’s Rooms: The Vatican Under Attack

Learn about the dramatic Sack of Rome in 1527, in the climax of the Renaissance, when troops of the ...

Thu 29 Mar 2018

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Lights, Camera… Fresco: A New Blockbuster Experience of the Sistine Chapel

Balich's worldwide show promises to reveal the secrets of the Sistine Chapel. But is that comparable ...

Sun 18 Mar 2018

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The Devil is in the Details: Hidden Secrets of the Vatican Museums

Read about some of the hidden secrets of the Vatican Museums, where to find and how to make sense of ...

Tue 06 Mar 2018

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8 Sources of Wonder at the Uffizi Gallery

The Galleria Uffizi is truly one of the world’s great museums and no wonder; it was here under ...

Sat 10 Feb 2018

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The Colour of Empire: The Many Marbles of Ancient Rome

A lot of people think of Ancient Rome as a pretty monochrome place; in the popular imagination, its ...

Sat 10 Feb 2018

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Fortress of the Angels: the Mysteries and Histories of Castel Sant’Angelo

The unbelievable Castle Sant'Angelo's fall and rise through the centuries, is one of Rome's best ...

Wed 21 Dec 2016

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A tribute to the art of sculpture: the treasures of the Octagonal Courtyard at the Vatican Museums

The wondrous Octagonal Courtyard at the Vatican Museums offers the chance to admire some of the most ...

Tue 11 Apr 2017

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