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The Most Beautiful Fountains in Rome: 16 of our Favourite Fountains in the Eternal City

From the Trevi fountain to the Barcaccia, discover the most beautiful fountains in Rome with our ...

Wed 16 Sep 2020

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What to do and see in Rome if you only have one day

To truly see Rome you need a lifetime - but what if you only have one day? Read on for our ideal ...

Fri 28 Feb 2020

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Where to Eat the Best Pizza in Naples: 7 of the Best Neapolitan Pizzerias

Whether you’re a fan of deep-dish Chicago-style pies, cheese-heavy New York numbers as big as a ...

Thu 23 Jan 2020

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5 Things not to do in Rome on Vacation

Perhaps we’re biased, but we think Rome might just be the most wonderful city on earth to visit on ...

Fri 10 Jan 2020

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Christmas in Rome: How to Ring in the Festive Season in the Eternal City

The Christmas period is upon us, and the enchanting streets of the Eternal City look as if they’ve ...

Fri 20 Dec 2019

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8 of the Best Places to See the Sunset in Rome

Rome is famously a city of hills - meaning there’s no shortage of panoramic vantage points from ...

Fri 15 Nov 2019

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7 Places to Get Spooked in Rome this Halloween

It’s that time of year again. The evenings are drawing in, a chill is beginning to spike the eveni ...

Mon 28 Oct 2019

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7 Things You Need to Know About...the Trevi Fountain

There are some places in Rome you can’t afford to miss. One of the city’s absolute highlights is ...

Mon 25 Feb 2019

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Welcome to the Summer: 6 Beautiful Beaches Within Easy Reach of Rome

Escape the Summer heat with our guide to some of the most beautiful beaches within easy reach of ...

Wed 01 Jul 2020

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Lights, Camera… Fresco: A New Blockbuster Experience of the Sistine Chapel

Balich's worldwide show promises to reveal the secrets of the Sistine Chapel. But is that comparable ...

Sun 18 Mar 2018

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Top 5 Romantic spots in Rome off the beaten track

Rome has long been synonymous with lovers and romance. However, in the age of mass tourism it's hard ...

Thu 01 Mar 2018

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City of Flowers, City of Lovers: The Most Romantic Things to Do in Florence

Imagine strolling down cobblestoned streets, sipping Chianti while marveling at the beauty of the ...

Thu 26 Oct 2017

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