Roman Lunch Cooking Class & Fresh Market Visit

Learn to cook and eat like a local with our Roman cooking class!

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Roman Lunch Cooking Class & Fresh Market Visit

starting time 9:00

duration 4 hours

group size Max. 12

Tour Overview

There’s a famous proverb that perfectly describes what makes cooking, eating and socializing such a special experience in Italy: a tavola non si invecchia – at the table you never grow old. In every Italian family the kitchen is the center of the home, and if you really want to get to know the Eternal City, then you’ve got to learn to cook (and eat) like a Roman! We’ve come up with a special cooking experience in a Roman kitchen where you’ll be able to try your hand at making fresh pasta, gnocchi and other traditional delicacies from scratch, all made with wonderfully fresh ingredients from the local market and under the guidance of an expert local chef. So grab your apron and join us for a special hands-on introduction not only to Roman cuisine, but to a very Italian way of life. Buon appettito, and see you in the kitchen!

Tour includes:

  • Sit-down lunch including wine
  • Private rooftop location
  • Expert local chef
  • Local market visit


  • Home-made pasta (Mon and Sat)
  • Gnocchi (Wed and Thurs)
  • Pizza (Tues and Fri)
  • Tiramisu

Tour Description

Mondays & Saturdays - Pasta, Wine & Tiramisu

Though Italians don’t make homemade pasta on a daily basis, egg pasta and eggless pasta making are a tradition passed down through generations. They are both easy to make and use less than 3 ingredients each. Begin your 3-in-1 pasta experience with a tour of the food market to taste local specialties.

Afterwards, make yourself comfortable in our private rooftop kitchen and enjoy a cup of moka-pot coffee. Get to work with our local chef making tiramisù and two different pasta doughs. Have you ever used a pasta machine before? When lunch is ready, take a seat and enjoy the fruits of your hard work with a glass of Italian wine.

Wednesdays & Thursdays - Gnocchi, Wine & Tiramisu

Did you know that gnocchi are the predecessors of pasta with the first published recipe dating back to the 1500s? There are many variations of gnocchi in Italy made with different ingredients, shapes, and sauces. You will be making ricotta and potato gnocchi.

Start your day at a local food market to taste and learn about the ingredients used in Roman kitchens. Then have your morning moka-pot coffee in our private location as you get ready to make tiramisù and two gnocchi recipes from scratch with our local chef. When you’re done cooking, grab a glass of Italian wine and enjoy your sit-down lunch surrounded by a rooftop view of Rome.

Tuesdays & Fridays - Pizza, Wine & Tiramisu

Pizza is a Roman food and it is such a huge part of our everyday life. Though we enjoy eating it when we are out and about, we love to prepare pizza at home. So, when in Rome, learn to make pizza! Start your day with a tour of the local food market meeting the vendors and tasting local products. Then make yourself comfortable in our private kitchen as you learn to make moka-pot coffee and tiramisù. By using very few, simple ingredients, our local chef will show you the many varieties of pizza you can prepare with just one recipe.

After all this fun, hard work enjoy your well-deserved glass of Italian wine. Sit for lunch, surrounded by a beautiful rooftop view of Rome, and eat the pizza and tiramisù you have prepared.


If you want to gain the full Roman experience, you can join us for another one of our Roman Food Tours & Cooking Classes.

meeting point

You will meet your host at a designated meeting point located in Prati, the area around the Vatican. Details will be on an emailed confirmation voucher.

Tour Reviews

5.0 (2 reviews)

We found this on through eternity but the class is run by a local company called Local Aromas. I surprised my wife with this on our honeymoon and we had a lot of fun making two different types of gnocchi. The chef and her assistant (who walks you through the fresh market which was an awesome experience in and of itself) were very nice and helpful and really made the experience that much better. We have since bought the tools to now make fresh gnocchi back home.

Andrew - Oct 22, 2019

One of the very best touring experiences ever! What a wonderful pair of hosts we had, we loved every bit of it and would highly recommend the experience to others.

Joseph J - Jul 24, 2019

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158 €

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