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Rome Food Tours

If, in addition to visiting it, you also want to "taste" Italy, our Rome food tours are the one for you. Let yourself be enveloped by the scents and flavors that make this Country famous all over the world. Wine tastings, typical dishes in the best authentic restaurants of Rome, cooking classes and cheese tasting are just some of the things that await you. After having tried one of our food tours in Rome, every time you think back to your trip to Italy, you will lick your mustache!

Rome Food Tours

Wine Tasting with a Certified Sommelier

Join us near Campo de’ Fiori on a journey through Italian wine, learning the origin of grape varieties, winemaking techniques ...

Maximum group size: 10

Adult: € 55,00 Students: € 55,00

Rome Food Tours

Roman Lunch Cooking Class & Fresh Market Visit

When you think of pasta, pizza, and gnocchi you think of Italy! Visit a fresh food market & cook in our private kitchen studio

Maximum group size: 12

Adult: € 158,00 Students: € 79,00

Rome Food Tours

Roman Pizza and Gelato Tasting Tour

Discover the best places to taste Roman pizza and gelato on our culinary exploration of the Eternal City.

Maximum group size: 12

Adult: € 72,00 Students: € 58,00

Rome Food Tours

Roman Dinner Cooking Class & Wine

Learn to cook like a local as you whip up the classics of Roman cuisine in our kitchen, then dine on a panoramic terrace.

Maximum group size: 12

Adult: € 158,00 Students: € 158,00

Rome Food Tours

Roman Street Food Tour

Eat like a local and discover traditional Roman street food at its best, from suppli to gelato and more!

Maximum group size: 12

Adult: € 79,00 Students: € 66,00

Rome Food Tours

Roman Prosecco & Sparkling Wine Tasting Tour

Try prosecco, spumante, and vino frizzante walking though the beautiful area of Trastevere while tasting wine with our sommelier

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