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Borghese Gallery Tour: The Idea of Art through the Ages

Explore one of the world’s best art collections in an opulent Baroque villa, including works by Raphael, Bernini and Caravaggio


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Truly great art has the unique capacity to set your imagination free. By discovering the language of the great artworks housed in the Villa Borghese, you’ll be able to understand what motived art’s greatest geniuses and how they created their masterpieces. Be enchanted by Bernini’s brilliance in sculptures such as Apollo and Daphne, where the protagonists are marvellously immortalised in marble at the moment of Daphne’s metamorphosis into a tree as she attempts to escape the pursuing god. See too Bernini’s David, mesmerizing as it is unnerving. Our Borghese Gallery Tour is led by expert guides: together with them follow the adventures of Caravaggio, the most scandalous figure of violent Baroque Rome. Gaze on the jaw-dropping and revolutionary realism of his works, such as the young David who grasps the massive severed head of Goliath. Admire the perfection of Raphael’s incredible paintings, foremost amongst them the renowned Deposition, and get to grips with immortal masterpieces of sculpture such as the amazing 1st century AD Hermaphrodite and Antonio Canova’s 19th century representation of Paolina Borghese in the guise of Venus. These magnificent works are all displayed in the beautiful surroundings of the 17th-century gallery built by Cardinal Scipione Borghese, a key figure of Baroque Rome who was unrivalled for his passion as an art collector. Explore this fascinating history with us.

Discover the unique masterpieces of the Borghese Gallery

Join us on a tour through two millennia of art as we explore the lives and works of some of the greatest artists to have ever lived, in the stunning Villa Borghese's Gallery in Rome. As well as intriguing ancient sculptures such as the 1st century BC Hermaphrodite, you'll also see masterpieces from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, giving you an unrivalled overview of art history from Ancient Rome to the 18th century. Our in-depth visit of the Borghese Gallery offers you fascinating insights into the lives and art of visionaries such as Raphael, Caravaggio, Bernini and Titian. 

Access to the Borghese Gallery can be complicated to arrange, as it's necessary to buy all the tickets in advance for strictly enforced time slots. A guided tour instead guarantees you a relaxing and enjoyable experience of the Villa Borghese, as we'll take care of everything - including buying "skip the line" tickets to ensure that you make the most of your time and get the most out of your visit.

Encounter an extravagant Baroque prince with a mania for art

The beautiful Villa Borghese and its peerless collection of paintings and sculptures are the fruits of one man’s obsession. Cardinal Scipione Borghese was one of the most colorful personalities of the 17th century, a patron of Bernini and collector of Caravaggio whose unconventional lifestyle scandalised Rome. With your expert guide, you’ll learn about the life of this remarkable man; walking through the gallery's opulent rooms, you’ll discover how his ruthless nature and unerring eye for artistic virtuosity led to the creation of one of the most extraordinary private art collections in the world. Scipione’s passion for art knew no bounds: as you explore the Borghese Gallery, you'll discover that he made a habit of imprisoning artists in order to confiscate their work.  He even had Raphael's famous Deposition forcibly removed from its altar in Perugia and carted to his villa in Rome, where it still hangs in pride of place today.

Borghese's irrepressible spirit is reflected in an imposing marble portrait sculpted by the Baroque genius Bernini located in the gallery. Coming face-to-face with Scipione, you'll learn about the complex web of power and religion that defined Baroque Rome.

Take a walk on the wild side with one of art’s most controversial geniuses

Despite his controversial methods and flagrant disrespect for authority, Caravaggio was feted by the most powerful men in Rome during the first decade of the 17th century. Collectors like Scipione Borghese recognised the revolutionary potential of his art, and spared no expense in securing his works. The paintings that we will admire chart the artist's dramatic rise and fall in fortune, from early successes like the disarmingly guileless Boy with a Basket of Fruit to mature masterpieces such as his brilliantly moody portrait of St. Jerome. Caravaggio's sudden fall from grace and subsequent humiliating exile is expressed with startling power in the gruesome David with the head of Goliathhere the blank, staring features of the stricken giant are revealed as those of the artist himself, literally cut off from the life of fame and fortune that tragically eluded him. The intense drama and disturbing realism of paintings such as this would change the face of art forever. To learn more about Caravaggio, we recommend our Caravaggio in Rome Tour.

Marvel at the incredible virtuosity of the Baroque master Gianlorenzo Bernini

Caravaggio was not the only artistic pioneer whose career owed much to the cardinal's foresight. Gianlorenzo Bernini would become the most famous sculptor of his generation and one of the most influential artists in history, but it was at Scipione's palatial suburban villa that he first found fame. Your guide will explain how Bernini's unique interpretation of ancient mythology and his revolutionary conception of three-dimensional space ushered in a completely new language of art, where the boundary between fiction and reality became fundamentally blurred. Bernini's theatrical sculptural fictions launched the golden age of the Baroque, nowhere more clearly in evidence than in the Apollo and Daphne he created for the Borghese Palace. Daphne, pursued by the ancient god of music, is caught in a moment of perpetually arrested transformation - no longer the beautiful woman she was but not yet the inert tree she would become, Bernini has managed to capture this fleeting moment of metamorphosis for all eternity, and it's an unforgettable experience to see this statue in the flesh. We'll also encounter other famous masterpieces by the great master including The Rape of Proserpina, David, and Aeneas, Anchises and Ascanius, all of which are part of this fantastic Rome art gallery.

Our walk through the Borghese Gallery is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the art and culture of Rome with a top-rated local guide. All our guides are deeply knowledgeable and passionate about art, and at the end of your itinerary you will walk out into the beautiful gardens of the Villa Borghese with an enriched appreciation and understanding of the art collection housed in the fabulous Baroque palace.

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  • Maximum group size of 13 people
  • Ticket and reservation fees with preferential access so you don't wait in line.
  • Expert, fluent English-speaking guides who know and love the Borghese collection.
  • Headsets for groups of 6 or more, so you can always hear your guide.

Classic sights included in our itinerary:

  • Bernini's mythological statues, including Apollo and Daphne
  • Paintings by Caravaggio
  • Paintings by Raphael

Overlooked sights included in our itinerary:

  • Titian's Sacred and Profane Love
  • Antonello da Messina's Portrait of a Man
  • Correggio's Danae

Near the entrance to the Borghese Gallery. You will receive full details with map and photo on booking

This is a walking tour through a medium-sized gallery of Rome with some staircases.


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